Sunday, May 31, 2009

Plane Trip....

I'm here safe and sound at the Rents house this morning. Had a wonderful night last night with all three of my brothers. We sat around a fire they built and just laughed and talked til I couldn't keep my eyes open any more. My stomach muscles hurt this morning from all the laughing and yes, I am counting that as an ab workout!
I had just about the best plane ride ever yesterday. I started to get worried when they assigned us seats before we boarded. I got an isle and really needed a window. I like to look out the window when we are taking off and landing. I feel I am helping the pilot fly. heeheehee. My seat mate walked up and since I am so nice I offered to move over so he could have the isle seat. He didn't speak much English and I am ashamed to admit when he appeared confused I told him it was all right, smiled my biggest smile and moved on over. Crisis averted and I was able to help the pilot get us off the ground. When we were air born I looked over at the man seated next to me. He had earplugs in and his eyes were closed. He slept the entire way and never once tried to talk to me. It was Heaven! He totally understood the "Rules Of The Air" which are no talking to Dawn as she is trying to read her Oprah magazine and look out the window every time there is turbulence so she can help the pilot stay on track with the amazing powers of her Jedi mind control.
When we landed he got up right away. I was able to be off that plane in under 5 minutes flat. I took my time getting to baggage claim and guess what?? I was the only one on that tiny crop duster plane that checked luggage. I didn't have to wait for five zillion bags to be unloaded. Mine zipped right out and I went outside to see my brothers a-waiting for me. I even had time to get a Starbucks.
Ahhhhhh spoiled me yesterday and for that I am extremely grateful.

Off to Wake my Uncle Jack and hold my daddy's hand as he says his last goodbyes.
Hope everyone out there is safe and happy. Kiss your loved ones.


Shasta said...

I am sorry for your loss Dawn. I am glad the flight went well.

Leigh said...

Glad that you made it there and your seat mate understood the Jedi!

mascanlon said...

I love seat mates like! As you said, hug your family every chance you get.

Jeri is said...

I'm glad you are there with your parents and brothers. It's good to be together when there is such sadness. Take care. Hope your return flight is as good as your flight there!

Judy Laquidara said...

Glad you had a good visit with your family, despite the sad reason for your getting to go home. Hope your trip home goes just as well as you flight there.