Sunday, May 17, 2009

Turning 12...

Our very own little Boo-Bear turned 12 last Thursday. Today is the big birthday bash. She has been planning this party for months. She wanted a bouncy...a scavenger hunt...and she wanted to invite every girl she knew. What did I say??


Today I will have anywhere from 10 - 25 girls here. What do I say to that??


Pray for me int-net. Just pray.


Stephanie D. said...

1.) Is this the one you let live?

2.) Are you nuts?

3.) I think Mother's Day went to your head.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I'm glad she made it to 12, it looked iffy the other day!!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hello Dawn
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving Jessica some great questions. She is planning on answering them on Tuesday so watch out for my post.
I have enjoyed visiting your lovely blog today. I presume you are now back in Ohio. Are you back to stay or are you going back to Korea?
Good luck with the birthday party! It sounds like your daughter will be having a lovely time with her friends today. Please wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY from us.
Lindsay & Jessica

Leigh said...

Happy Birthday Boo Bear! Can't wait to see the pics! Dawn, did you survive?

mascanlon said...

LOL, so from Friday to Sunday how things change. Happy Birthday Boo bear (ok, she's 12, we have one more year for her to be Boo bear)

Anonymous said...

wish i couldve been there.
but who did the site.. its looking pretty snazzy

middle daughter

Sweet P said...

Happy Birthday to your DD. I hope the party went well.

Your Mother's Day present was wonderful! You have a great family to give you a fantastic present.

Chocolate Cat said...

I hope you have the after party emergency kit (wine,chocolate and bed!!) ready!!!! Looking forward to hearing all about it!

Jen of ReannaLily Designs said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a blast.

Jeri is said...

Dawn, you're MIA again. Did you survive the party?

Hope everything is well.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

That Mother's day treat day did wonders!lol
Pleased you liked your goodies! Be 40 every year now!!