Wednesday, March 12, 2008

confession is good for the soul...

Oh Boy. Oh my goodness. Can I just tell you that there is no place like home! I have been in the U-S-of-A for a week now and I feel like I've eaten from one end to the other. I can't help myself! I don't to much care for Korean food and I didn't realize how starved my soul was until the trip to Walgreens. Walgreens has Snaps. It has Snaps and Ju-Ju-Bees. I love me some Snaps and Ju-Ju-Bees! And Panini is here. And real fruit. I loves me some Panini and real fruit. Oh, and let us not forget the bagels from Einsteins!! And the de-li-sous apple tart thingie at the bookstore that I had to have cause I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings...I need to spread my taste buds around don't ya know.
Do you want to know some of the things I have consumed?? Do you?? Let me start a list...

Ju-Ju-Bees - 3 boxes
Snaps - 2 bags (would've been three bags but my stinky-fied brother took one)
Ice Cream - twice
a Mozzarella, Chicken and tomato Panini
A Bagel from Einstein's Bagels (yes, it was slathered with yummy cream cheese)
grapes - a vine full
Bazooka Gum - 6 trillion pieces
A fabo' wonderfully sinful apple tart thingie (the guy at the counter had the nerve to ask me if I wanted whip cream on that...I may have grabbed him by the tie and told him in no uncertain terms that I was a woman starved for American calories and he'd better lay some on there pe-ron-to!)

burp. Scuse' me.

I have eaten and declared it good. I am now off to run a bazillion miles so I can fit into my small airline seat a week from now.


Elaine Adair said...

Oh girl - been there, done that! LOL

Shelina said...

You just made a good list of things I should be grateful for. With all that nursing and cleaning, I'm sure you've burnt up all those calories already.

Leigh said...

I'm so jealous! I am making my list of yummies to eat when I get back to America! Eat a Sonic for me! We miss you! See you in a week!