Thursday, March 27, 2008

the Ya-Ya's

Now if you have read this little blog of mine for any amount of time you have heard me speak of my group of girlfriends called the Ya-Ya's. This is a post all about them. See, I was in the States for a number of weeks taking care of "The Pa" and I missed them. A lot. A whole lot. I am a girl who needs her girlfriends and I've been truly blessed over the years to have found some of the very best the universe has to offer. Here in Korea I have my Ya-Ya's. What's a Ya-Ya and how do you find some of your own you ask?? Weeeeeellll sister girl let me tell ya! First I must introduce you to mine.

First we have the multi-talented Walker Jen. She is the one you want with you if you have a nation to explore....crazy food to eat...secrets to to talk over....movies to watch.....and trips to take.

She is the one I want with me when it's time to get our boogie on. (That handsome guy to her right is her hubby, Walker Rob)

She is also the one I want with me when it is time to spend some of this!!

It also doesn't hurt that she has one of the cutest kiddos in the universe!

She was the first person I met when we moved here and when she asked if I wanted to explore Korea I knew I'd found a winner. She will try anything and do anything...more importantly she is the keeper of many of my secrets. Love ya girlfriend!!!
Next up we have this gorgeous creature......This faithful readers is our very own Walker Leigh...ummm Leigh, this is the only picture I have of you!!! We must rectify that soon!!! I feel a girls weekend coming! hahaha

Our Leigh is the one who keeps us organized. Need to find out why the cable is out?? Call Leigh. Need to know how to get to Australia and the cheapest rate?? Leigh. Need someone who will always have your back and never let you down AND will fight to the death for you?? Yep. Leigh. She also makes a mean cosmo and can cook like no body's business...but keep your hands off. Leigh is ours and we ain't sharin! She will keep our secrets til her last breath and she is fiercly protective of us all. We wouldn't be us without her.
Last but not least we have our very own Paig-ee from the 5th floor....

This girl is fun. She loves to laugh and tell a good story. Every group of Ya-Ya's needs a good Southern Gal around to keep things interesting. I believe it was she who came up with the name Ya-Ya in the first place...we even have a sign. Yes universe...we are nerds, why do you ask??
I do have a couple of pictures of Paig-ee but in the interest of keeping her mother Ms. Becky from calling me and asking why...oh why....I decided not to put them on here. Kisses Ms. Becky!!!!
Our Paig-ee is a keeper. She is the one who introduced me to the wonders of Long John Silvers. For that I will always love thighs, not so much. She has style. She has grace. Oh, and did I mention she adopted a kiddo a while ago. Yeah. Our Paig-ee is busy!!
Where do I fit in with all of them. Well, not to sure. I am just thankful they let me hang out with em! They make me laugh. They hold my hand when I feel full of tears. They took care of my family when I had to go to the States. I would do anything for them and love them immensely. Now, how do you find your own Ya-Ya's?? Fist off you allow yourself time to find the right ones. They usually don't all come together. You may find them one by one. Find a couple of girlfriends who make you feel good about yourself. With all your many quirks. Find a couple of girls you can get in a little trouble with...tell secrets with ( and find some that don't tell your secrets!!!) A good Ya-Ya will stand by you when you feel all alone. She will not like someone just cause they hurt your feelings. She will like your kiddos even when they are being unlikable. She will refrain from calling your hubby a doo-doo-stinky-head, even when he is being one. Make sure when you find those special girls that you appreciate them. Love them for who they are and not who you think they should be. Letting a person be "just" themselves keeps life interesting and maybe, just maybe, if you're just might learn a little sumpin-sumpin from them.
Now, dust off your favorite pair of jeans. Get all the fixins for a delish-i-us cosmo.....or three. :) Light some candles. AND CALL SOME OF YOUR BUDDYS!! Tell them it will be the first night of many for the "SISTERHOOD OF THE YA-YA'S" Have fun!!! Laugh!!! Enjoy being women together. And when they go home....late late in the night.......say a quiet thank you to the good Lord above for each and every one of them.


Lauren The Artist said...

Awe, thanks Trouble Buddy. I know you'll help me spend that money, too!!! ~jen~

Leigh said...

That brought tears to my eyes. It has been a very long time, if ever, that I have had such great friends that I really depend on and not one day goes by that I don't see or talk to one of my Ya-Ya's. Moving will be very hard. Stupid military! Love you girls!!

Pam said...

There is nothin' like bud's~hands down there is NOTHIN'! And once you find those buds there is nothin' that will keep you apart...thank you internet, thank you free long distance, thank you cell phones and txt msgs!

I would shrivel up and turn to dust without my buds.

You are 4 lucky Ya Ya's!!


Lauren The Artist said...

By the way- What's up with that first picture of me??? Thats ok, I'm still bringing The Hot. =)


...was that picture taken right after my husband told me which city we're moving to next??....

Chocolate Cat said...

You are so so lucky. I am also very blessed, I have some wonderful girlfriends that I can laugh and cry with , who accept me as I am, just wish they lived closer. We are all scattered over Australia and when one of them is hurting or has something to celebrate I just wish I was closer. Thanks for sharing your special friends.