Monday, March 03, 2008

My trip and why I will never fly "THAT" airline again!!!

Oh boy! The trip home to visit my dad yesterday was a doozy!! A Doo-ZEE!!! Where do I even start?!?!?! I had the Capt take me to the bus terminal at 9am. I was so worried about the 4 hour bus ride to the airport that I wanted to make sure I got there in plenty of time. The bus was wonderful! It had two seats on one side and one big seat on the other. The seats reclined. They were soft. It was really a nice ride. The bus only had a couple of people on there so I slept the whole way. When I got to Inchon I had a 4 hour wait. I read a book, had a Jamba Juice, walked around, got in people's buz-niss. Just generally enjoyed myself. Then it was time to board. I had a great seat. All was well. I sat in the front, with an empty seat between me and a lady. Oh boy, the lady. She was such a complainer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And a talker!! The airplane is not a place for conversation between strangers. I don't want to go to the school I work for (and yes I am aware that me working is an oxymoron) and be your spokesperson for the math books you've written. She also got mad at the people around us. The place where we sat was in the front of the airplane. By a wall. We were the way people walked when they had to go to the bathroom. People went to the bathroom a lot. A. Lot. Did I say a lot?? It was a 12 hour flight. With a bunch of people over 60. Lotta bathroom breaks. No big deal. Just move your feel off of the wall in front of you and let them pass. It's not their fault. Did my seat partner feel this way?? Nope. She yelled at a lady when she decided she'd had enough interruptions. I wanted to die. I wanted to announce to the entire plan that I was in no way connected with this woman and that I loved them all and could we just sing Kum-By-Ya'll My Lord and go on with life??!! She turned to me to validate her we were "together" in this. I looked at the ceiling and whistled. She was on her own. People get angry on long flights and if anyone was going to yell "let's roll!" and attack her I wanted no part in it! Another thing that ticked her off was that the tv's in our row were broken. Every three minutes it would change from video to audio. Then our food was undercooked. It was a party plane, let me tell ya. After I got off the "ride of joy" it was on to a two hour layover in Seattle. And customs. Let us not forget customs. Oh, and taking everything off so that security can see you aren't loaded with explosives. Actually, I liked that made me feel safe. The couple in front of me took umbrage with it thought. I had to explain I wasn't with them either. I am all about love peace and harmony...can I go to my next flight please. I did have to walk around a full 10 minutes to find someone who could take time out of their busy life and explain how to get to level D. I was on level S. Got a little lost there..heeheehee
I found level D after a 30 minute search, bought the Oprah magazine so that I could get instruction on "how to live my best life ever" and waited an hour to board. Theeeeen I get to Chicago. 24 HOURS TOTAL TRAVELING TIME and I may have been a teeny bit cranky and maybe just a wee bit tired. I go to get my so know where this is going!! hahahaha
the lost my luggage.
I may have had a tear. I may have had three actually and then felt very sorry for myself. I waited for 30 minutes to see if someone was playing a crazy airline joke on me. No dice. They were gone. Then I ran outside to find my parents and tell them I had to fill out a claims form. No parents. Anywhere. I may have felt sorry for myself again cause it was a really cold 0 degrees outside. Finally they drive up. My dad is white as a sheet cause he'd had a hard day. I felt so bad telling them I had to go back in the airport to fill out a form. As they circled around I went back inside. People looked at me then moved outta my way. I meant business. I'd endured all I could endure. I was tired. I was hungry. I was cold. I had to get in line. A bunch of bags didn't make the flight. I was small potatoes compared to the young family of 4 who had been traveling all day..with small kiddos...and they'd lost all of their stuff. Sigh.
We got to my parents house, got my dad all settled again, I took a sleeping pill, had a sandwich and a well deserved beer (Miller Light), forgot I had taken a sleeping pill and probably shouldn't have mixed it with the well deserved beer, laid down in bed, forgot where I was, got the giggles then fell asleep.
This morning I woke up feeling feisty and ready to visit. My bags showed up two hours ago. I'm all sparkly clean. :) Happy days!!
That was my trip in a nutshell. I gotta tell ya, if you ever get the chance to fly Asiana...don't do it!!!! It was really a rough flight. Stuff didn't work, food was awful, the list goes on and on. I am sooooo gonna write to them and tell them they are going on the blog as a cruddy air line. Hey, you think they may bump me up to business class when I go home??? Hmmmmmmmmm that may make me feel better! hahahahahaha
Okay, gotta go. My brother and I are headed out to a bookstore. A real bookstore!! With books written in English!! Yippee!!! Bye everyone!


Leigh said...

WOW! I am so sorry that your trip was crazy. There is always someone next to you who feels like they need to tell you everything about them. WHY!? And Asiana, I can't believe that. I had a fantastic flight on Asiana, when I flew home in September. I'm sure your trip back to Korea will be better. I know that you are happy to be there and your parents are greatful you made it. Take care of each other. We miss you!

PS email me your mailing address there!

Lauren The Artist said...

I wonder if I'm going to be the cranky mean lady on the plane when we fly to America this summer. My guess is yes!!! YIKES. But in my defense, I'll have 3 little kids and husband with me. I'm glad you made it and I'm glad you weren't taken down by the crazy passengers. Were there many Americans on your trip? ~jen~

Pam said...

What a trip! WOW...are you really going to get back on the plane to get back home...just let the Capt pack up the house and get everything shipped so that you don't have to deal with that again!!!