Friday, September 29, 2006

The adventure continues

Went to the market again today. I went with Jen from downstairs. The great thing about her is that she will go anywhere and do that!
I got some great pictures of what a market looks like here. I'll explain the pictures as best I can....just about no one speaks English!

This is one of the many garlic vendors. You will never have to worry about running into Dracula here!

God forbid you get any food that isn't spicey! These huge bags are filled with hot peppers and these little ladies are cutting off the tips before they sell them. This is one of 85 million pepper vendors. (give or take a million) There was enough in just this one market to supply a small country for the next millenium.

As you are walking through the market you may decide to have lunch. Here you go....pig skin and intestine. Yummy! I told you I know why they are so skinny here!!!!

This all looked like tree bark. I guess if you will eat pig skin bark isn't much of a stretch. Don't forget your ruffage!

I am sure that this lady was trying to convince us that yes, we really do like squid and octopus and we must buy some now! We walked away..quickly.

Just in case that small country runs out of are some more. The weekend is coming up so I'm sure there will be more adventures to report on (see bug adventure below). Have a wonderful weekend everyone!