Saturday, September 23, 2006

We finally got to go to our first market. Seumoon (So-Moon) is about 15 minutes from the base. It's a huge outdoor/indoor market. This is the sign you walk under to get to the street. Markets are set up different here. You have a large street that you walk down and all the alleys open up into more shopping. There were thousands upon thousands of booths. You could get anything there! If you're really hungry then you would love a popular Korean snack.....

COCKROACH BELLIES!!!!!!!!! Yep this folks is cockroach bellies. The boxes that you see are hollow and you fill them with as many as you can eat. The lady will come along and tip the box into a bag and give you a toothpick...can't forget the toothpick. Then you just stab one of these babies and you're all set. All the little kids were walking around eating them. I might've gagged just a little! Not to be outdone was this booth 5 doors down.

Here is an octopus. Need I say any more. She had a bunch of them all arranged really pretty in baskets like this one. You just grab what you want, pay her, and then you are off. This is why Korean woman are so skinny. If all you can eat are roach bellies and whole octopus you'd be skinny too. While we were standing there a man came up and started touching Sarah's hair and it freaked her out a little so we left. They have this thing here about my girls and their hair. THEY LOVE IT AND CAN'T WALK BY AND NOT TOUCH IT. There aren't being freaks they just truly love the texture of Lauren's hair and they find Sarah adorable. Now trying to explain that to the girls is a whole nother story.

Here is one of the many kimche stands. There are tons of them here! They eat this stuff by the gallon! Honestly, it doesn't smell as bad as I thought it would. I think you get used to it pretty quick. This is how they sell it...all open and right on the street. Can you say USDA!

Here is a neat guy. When you go to park in a parking garage they have these characters that are in uniform and directing traffic, and they direct with flaire! We think they must go to school to learn all that they do. This guy had a girl partner who was talking in a microphone to all the cars. At first we thought they were robots because they are so precise in their movements but nope...they are people.

Yes...I found the place where dreams are made! Can you hear the angelic choir singing?? STARBUCKS!!! And let me tell you coffee drinkers they don't do things half way here. You get your coffee in a cup! No matter what kind of drink you get. I went here with some friends the other day and we got gifts! The man came over and asked if we were just visiting and we told him that we live here. He ran in the back and came out with two cups for each of us. HOW AWESOME! If you order a naughty (a pastry laden with fat for those of you not in the know) they present it to you as you are sitting down feeling like royalty. It is on a try under a very pretty napkin. I am never leaving here! This is another reason why. Here is one of the hundreds of fabric vendors. I thought I saw something shiny and fabulous looking down an alley so we walked over and it opened up into utopia. There was fabric every which way you looked. I even found batting!!!

All in all a good time was had by everyone. We went home broke and tired. IT WAS GREAT!!!


Pat said...

Way too cool Dawn! think of me when you go again! Pat

sandy said...

What fun! How can you touch each and every fabric? At the end of two years you are going to have huge stash.