Friday, September 22, 2006

Anthonie is now officially 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AUGH!!!!!!!!! Not to sure how I feel about that. He wanted to go to a place called Shanghai Grill. It is a chinese food place that is Americanized. Thank God!!! Even though we love going out and trying new things sometimes you just want a taste of home. When the owner found out that it was his birthday he brought him fried spring rolls as a gift. Here is "Big Poppa" trying to horn in on the action.

He got his just deserts when he ate a clam that had a hot pepper hidden in it. WAITER!!! WATER!!!!

Here is the crew eating. That's Sal..we are claiming him on our taxes next year! haha


bekah said...

Happy Birthday Anthonie! I know you want me to sing to you... I will soon, I promise!!!

JW said...

Dawn and Fam, this is Uncle Joe Wagner. I loved the pictures and stories! Please keep up the entertaining work. Soak up the culture, because not everyone gets these oportunities. Love you guys. I'll send you some photos, but I am not sure of your email. Drop me a line at Love Joe, Amy, Lawrence and Anne.