Wednesday, September 27, 2006

grocery day

Here is a funny story. Me and the Hooptie (my car) took a trip to the grocery store today. It was my big shopping time so she was fully loaded by the time I got home. I took the first load up in the elevator and ran downstairs to get the second. There were two Korean workers by the car. They asked me if I had more groceries to carry up. I said yes. They then proceeded to take the rest of the stuff out of the car and carry it to the elevator. Now loving adventure like I do my first thought was not, "hey I don't know these guys...they could be murderers...don't let them in the house." Nope. My first thought was "hey this is great! Let's invite them in! And get the purse out to give them money for their trouble!" After much bowing and hand shaking they left. My guardian angel is right now petitioning for a new person to watch cause I am to much trouble. When my friend Jen came over to ask if I could go get plants with her guess who we saw when we walked offbase enjoying a drink??? Yep! My guys! Again more bowing and saying thank you. Life is good here!! More updates and adventures to follow! :)


bekah said...

Listen to you, just going about your life without a care in the world! I am so proud of you! Not only are you my friend, but you are also a "Woman of the World"!!!!!!

Pat said...

Dawn, Dawn, Dawn! You are going to get yourself in trouble! I
KNOW(!) God is watching over you!