Saturday, September 30, 2006

Here is one of the millions of towers around here. This one is downtown by the lake. It just went on and on forever. Since Korea is only so big they've had to build up instead of out. Can you imagine hiking groceris up 30 floors or more?? Some of the older towers don't have elevators. Oh, and tonight Kareem took me out for dinner, we had to drive downtown and guess who is building towers here?? THE DONALD!! Yeah, that's right! Donald Trump. You just can't hide from that guy!


The Jen said...

That is so cool. Did you get to talk to him, or was it "Hey, thats The Donald over there." Did he fire you?! Did he stare back, like, "Look, wow, Americans!" hee hee. Wow.


Owens Family Adventures said...

No, hahahaha HE wasn't there. Just a sign that said he was making some towers here in Korea. If I would've seen him I am sure that his picture would be on this blog! heehee