Saturday, September 30, 2006

Festival by the Lake.

There was a festival downtown today. Lauren was out with a friend so we loaded up the car with Anthonie and Sarah...notice the bling in a certain 17 year olds ear?? I'm pickin and choosin my battles here ladies... :) Since he has the bling it is obvious that I gave in on this one. SIGH, he is so darn cute!

The festival was at the lake. There is a sidewalk all around the lake and it is always filled! with people. Here, under the bridge, old men meet each day to gamble with cards...lest you wonder where the police are and why they are allowing the gambling to happen notice the next picture...

The guys with the glowing white stripes on their shirts are the police...they are sitting next to the gamblers...eating chicken! hahahahaha Our hero's!

This little picture has nothing to do with the festival..I just thought it was a neat little bit of info. There are a ton of little restaurants that serve fish. You pick your fish out of the tank and a sweet little lady WHACKS IT ON THE GROUND TO KILL IT! Then if you haven't run screaming down the street said sweet little lady will cook it for you. Which Nemo do ya want??

Back to the are some dancers and singers in traditional wear.

Down the street at another booth there was an artist set up. You could pick out a paper mache't (sp) mask and paint it. Here is what hers looked like.....

This is what mine was supposed to look least closely resemble..........

And here is the finished product. I think they kinda look the same. :)

Here is my sweet little boo-bear doing her mask. Hers turned out really good. The look she is giving is disbelief because when the Korean people saw two Americans painting faces they ran over with (no lie!) cameras!! We were stars for about 10 minutes. One man even came with a video recorder to tape the phenomenon. Sarah kept her head down and her shy mamma smiled her biggest smile, waved at one and all, and said onyosayoh (hello!) about a thousand times. She is letting me know I have embarrassed her to no end but I do not care cause I saw my 15 minutes and grabbed it with both hands!!

Member' a certain little bug I ate?? This is not a bug it is something...well I'm not sure what it is. There was a booth where they were making it and giving out samples. I ran over to get some, took a picture of it and tasted just a teensy tiny smidgen. Nope, didn't like that either. I threw it away. Right by the garbage can were two old men. They were probably 80 if they were a day. They laughed when they saw me taste it and throw it away then they said in pretty good engrish...we ruv you! hahahahahaha I love this place!