Wednesday, September 27, 2006

ole 2010

For those of you wondering what the cars look like out here I thought I'd post my little hooptie. Yep, all the cars are called hoopties if they aren't brought from the states. Here is my little 2010. Now shhhh, we haven't told her that she is a hooptie...we told her she was a corvette that could go like the wind!

This is our wonderful courtyard. You can have barbeques here or a party if you only have 4 friends. This is as good as it gets too. :) It's a good thing I am a simple woman!

This is a shot of "home" for the next two years. We live on the 3rd floor. Before you get all proud of me and think that I walk up all those stairs..we have an elevator. The elevator and I are close friends! Especially on grocery day.


bekah said...

That looks like a really great place for a sleepover...

Pat said...

Couldn't we have fun in your little "hooptie"? We could just drive around with our "shades" and look for a place to get a fountain coke and stop and have a big adventure with all those market places to shop and eat BUGS!!!!!!!