Tuesday, November 21, 2006

All Grown Up...At least she thinks so!

After our Taste of Korea nap I announced that there was no way they were getting a cooked dinner out of me so we went off base to get some dinner. Lauren and her friend had decided to go out to...won in the pocket is a wonderful thing. They "decided" that they didn't want us to go with them cause they wanted to do it all on their own. Well we ended up at the same pork place. This one is a favorite of ours and Sarah had some new practice chopsticks that she had to test. We all pretended that we didn't know each other. :) Don't cha' just love teens??!! Here is Lauren and Church Destiny at their table. Lauren is hiding from me. Oh,....there are three friends of Lauren's named Destiny...there is Destiny Post, who's mom is my friend, Downstairs Destiny...she lives downstairs from Destiny Post and Church Destiny who goes to the same church that we do...hence the name Church Destiny. Whew..was that TMI?? heehee

Anthonie happened to be playing video games at a PC place on the way so Kareem stopped in to get him. He didn't care about sitting with us cause free food is free food to a 17 year old.

This is his Mac Daddy look. :)

Here is our little boo-bear having the time of her life. The lady who owns the place really likes her and always comes over to give her the best parts of the pork. I guess this is why it's her favorite spot.

This is the table grill where you cook your food. Aren't the briquettes neat!! They are like rocks and extremely! hot.

After dinner Kareem and I sent Sarah home with Ant and went to Baskin Robbins. Guess who happened to show up needing some more Won...oh now you know me!!!!!! Sigh! So I gave them some Won and they ordered the ice cream fondue. It's neat! They have these already made ice cream mini balls that you dip in chocolate. There are also mini cakes and kiwi fruit and bananas.

This is what 10,000 Won will buy you....a semi smile from your teen!

Here is the ice cream fondue. You don't get to pick your ice cream balls they just give you what is made. Some of it is pretty crazy to an American. There is green tea and pumpkin pudding.
And so concludes another fun night with the Owens family. Stay tuned for the Thanksgiving party at our house on Tuesday. Kareem invited the whole English class to come over Tuesday night and try a real old fashioned Thanksgiving meal. I am going to finish my coffee and get started. I'll take a ton of pictures!! bye all!!


Lauren The Artist said...

Holy Smokes that looks fun!! I want the ice cream fondue. That needs to move up a few notches on my to-do list. Yum... Ice Cream.


France C. said...

An ice cream fondue??? Now why the heck haven't I heard of this!? What a totally cool idea and I just happened to get a fondue pot as a wedding gift. Bingo!