Sunday, November 05, 2006

Date Night!

Tonight was date night. A friend of ours is leaving soon so we went out with him and his new wife. Yep, you can get good Italian food here in Korea. We went to La Bella Cucina. When you have dinner there dessert is coffee at the end. It's free and really good. You don't get any creamer just a little pot filled with sugar. The place was beautiful! It was like a five star restaurant....even the prices! Some of the bottles of wine were around $300 and the main courses were between $50 and $60! YIKES! I tried risotto for the first time and loved it. When we were leaving Kareem saw a Ferrari. There was a group of Korean men with one woman standing outside of the place so we asked them if it was their car. He wanted a picture with it. There was silence for a moment and the other guys looked toward the older man. He inclined his head meaning yes, we could take the picture. The couple we were with got in their car...tell ya why in a minute. After I took the picture Kareem walked over to the man and told him, jokingly, that he was going to tell everyone that the car was his. Everyone in the group laughed a little nervously and the older man just smiled. We get in the car and I asked Ju-Won if the man was a bad man and she says yes!!! He is Korean mafia!!! hahahahahahahahahahahaha Only us!!!Here is our nice parking attendent who was probably praying for us to stop taking pictures of the "mafia don's" car and just get go. heehee


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