Tuesday, November 07, 2006


shewie!! It is cold here! Winter finally is on us. Here is the mountain outside of our window. It has frost on it. Actually it is pretty far away... I am just showing off my new camera and it's skills. :) This morning when I took the dog out I wore 2! yes 2! coats. I figure by next month we will see snow up there and I can't wait. Lauren is going on a ski trip with the church..skiing in Korea...who knew??


Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :P

I love the pictures of the signs in Korea and I can't wait to see the update on nekked Korean dude. LOL!!!

Unknown said...

btw, since it is not displaying my deputyswife blog, that's who I am deputyswife... lol. Didn't want you to think I was a weirdo here...

(after rereading my last paragraph you might just think I am a weirdo. Sheesh...)

Lauren The Artist said...

Wow, the mountain looks great! What a nice camera you must have. *wink wink* Maybe I should look out the window more often. :)


clara said...

I'm sorry not to go to the english class long time.
I had a cold because the cold weather came suddly so I couldn't be fitted. but now I am OK.
I really like winter season because i can go skiing.and i hope you to join it.
Be careful a cold.