Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Taste of Korea

We had something called Taste Of Korea on Camp Walker Saturday. The locals got together and set up a couple of shows and a bunch of food for us to see and taste. It was alot of fun! There was a tea ceremony and also a marriage promising ceremony. You have to go to Jen's blog to see some other really good pictures...
I have to add a disclaimer and say that the first couple of pictures I "borrowed" from her site...thans Jen!! This picture is of Bipimbap. It is a bunch of vegetables with meat in a bowl. You add broth and a ton of hot paste then have a meal. I'm not to crazy about it cause it's spicey but most of the family loves it.

This is a screen used for wedding ceremonies. Isn't it beautiful!!

When I read Jen's site she said these were kites.

This is a lotus flower. There were a ton of them hung up all over the gym, where the Taste Of Korea was being held.

See..they were all over and they were made of paper. Someone took a big effort here!

Here is a woman dressed in the traditional garb. Now these outfits are pretty pricey. I think they start at a couple of hundred dollars. When you're average salary is under $10,000 that's A LOT! of money!

These guys were doing some sort of dance when we walked in. They had these "beanie" style hats on their heads with a long piece of fabric. They swung the piece of fabric all over the place. It was really neat.

See...there he goes swinging that thing away.

This is a picture of the back of his hat.
Anyway, a good time was had by all Owens'. We ate a ton of food and took a bunch of pictures. Then we went home and slept for two hours. Whew!! It is exhausting being exciting!! heehee