Thursday, November 02, 2006

Outback in Korea!! YIPPEE I KAY O!

I went to the fabric store again today. I know you're tired of seeing fabric so I took some pictures of where we went to lunch. OUTBACK BABY!!!! Yep there is an Outback here. I wasn't sure how it would be but it was the same. Here is the sign at the front door.
This is the sign you see when you go in the front door. Here is the menu. Notice the price of's 29,900W!!! No that's not $29,900 but Won. So that means to eat a place of ribs with a side of fries it will cost you around $30!!! It's not cheap to eat American here. My friends had an apetizer and I had a grilled chicken breast with some fries. It was alot of fun. Next I'm going to try TGIFriday!! :)