Friday, March 27, 2009

Our little Boo-Bear had her Advanced Band Concert last night. Oh my gosh the cuteness was everywhere!!! She did really good considering she just started playing the Sax in October.

We had to make a run to Kohl's the night before to get a black and white outfit. sigh...why do they need so many outfits for all the extra curriculars???

Here she is right before they started, looking around for her dad. He was in the second row and clapping loudly. Dad's are the best.

This is just a shot of the back of her hair...her hair that took me an hour to do what with all the blow drying....straightening and then the re-curling. The new hole in the ozone?? Yeah sorry about was me. Hairspray was used abundantly.

This is the picture she made me take out front. Why out front you ask?? Cause the little boy in the house a couple of doors down from ours was outside and she wanted him to see her in all her glory. :) Ahhhhh young love.

It was a good night. We were all really proud of her. She thinks she is going to be the next Sheila E...but with the Sax...and not the drums...and not the whole Prince infatuation.


Lauren The Artist said...

I'm sure she did excellent! Great job BooBear! Now, when are we getting audio of the next Kenny G???

Rebekah said...

Go Boo Bear! She is so beautiful and GROWN!! She looks so much like her beautiful mama!

Leigh said...

YEAH Boo Bear! You work it girl!

Chocolate Cat said...

Well done to BooBear and she looked gorgeous! How clever were you to do her hair?? I am super impressed!

Anonymous said...

Oh, she's so pretty and grown up!!

Sweet P said...

She looks so happy! Congrats Boo Bear!