Monday, January 25, 2010

quilt pics!!

Where in the world does the time go I ask ya?? Sheesh. It's like once you hit 40 you can blink and a week has gone by.

Thank you to everyone who left a comment about the son entering the Air Force. There are still a few comments I need to respond to...please don't think I have forgotten. Life has been busy! :)

So he is all sworn in and the next step is to find out when he leaves for basic training. He is going to get one of his top two choices for jobs. Both of them will find him in an airplane. Not flying them but doing other things. Great job for him as he will get to travel. I plan on stocking up on the "vitamins" and talk to my doctor about some Ambien. heh

On to quilt pics!!!! Our Judy asked the quilting community if anyone wanted to try out a pattern she was working on. This was before Christmas. I jumped on the chance cause if you've seen her work you know her quilts turn out beautifully and her patterns are really easy to follow. Here is my take...........the family loves it! I have it over the back of our long couch and have already tested it to see if it is nap worthy. It is. :)
Next up is a quilt kit I bought when I was at the Fabric Shack here in Ohio. Shoot! I forgot who designed this one. I'll look that up when I am not lolling about in bed being a woman of leisure who blogs while in pjs.
Last but not least is an Angel Babies wall hanging I finished just last night. I got the pattern for free on this site. It's by Sindy Rodenmayer. This is the next one to be put on the frame.
Cute right!!

Allrighty, that's all I got. Lots of things going on just not anything really exciting. I did have a serial killer at my door today and I just knew he was gonna get me with his screwdriver but that my friends is a story for tomorrow. heeheehee
hugs everyone!!!


Stephanie D said...

Aw, the Angel Babies are adorable!
All the quilts are!

Jeri is said...

Nice job on all the quilts! Are you loving your quilt frame? Jealous....


Jodi said...

I love your quilts!

mascanlon said...

Oh my gosh friend you have just been going to town. I am so impressed and they all are as cute as can be.

Lauren The Artist said...

Great quilts!!! Judy's looks very lovely, of course. And those angels are dressed so sweet. I come over so we can go to the fabric shack again. =)

Mary Johnson said...

That was quick -- pieced, quilted, bound, and already in use!

I'm home a lot too and sometimes I debate whether to answer the door or not. I also used to post about Keith being gone all the time thinking only quilters read my blog anyway but now I'm not so sure about that. It's hard though...I'm used to writing about his comings and goings.

Shasta Matova said...

Wow you finished three quilts in one day! I'm still working on a doll quilt. They are all great. I especially like the colors of the Fabric Shack quilt - I'm jealous that you've been there already and I haven't, and the angel one is adorable!

Shellie said...

The quilts look really nice. I liked the Angel Babies so much, I just printed a copy to try one tonight. Thanks for sharing! :)