Friday, January 08, 2010

This morning the kids got a snow day. No school for them so they are sleeping late. The hubby left for work about 10 minutes ago. I was walking around the house thinking of what to do first when I remembered I had some Red Vine licorice hidden in my sewing cabinet. I gave a fist pump of joy and said out loud "Best day ever!!"

Do you think this means I am easy to please??



Stephanie D said...

No, I think it means you are mighty clever! If I've hidden a stash chocolates or twizzlers anywhere, it's still there, because I can't remember diddly-squat!

mascanlon said...

How funny but I feel the same way about finding malted milk balls in my night stand!

Chocolate Cat said...

Nothing more satisfying than a hidden stash of 'sugar'!!! and the opportunity to enjoy it without sharing!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of fist pumps, are you watching Jersey Shores? And if so, have you gotten your Jersey Shore name yet? For the record, I am
J-Pop! Jeri