Monday, December 17, 2007

A change in plans...

I'm up early this morning. 5 am!! I like to get up early on the days I have to sub so that by the time I need to get my kids up, I'm awake and dressed with some coffee in me. This morning I woke up, took a shower, went out for a walk with Abbey (the dog) and by the time I poured that first lovely cup of coffee to sit down at the computer and read blogs for a whole 30 minutes my phone rang. It was my boss. Change in plans this week. I had a teacher booked for the whole week. She was an easy one too. Just show up, write some work on the board and then sit with a magazine while the kids worked quietly. Now my week is no more. My boss asked if I wanted to be the Korean culture teacher today. Sigh...okay, I guess. Can I tell you a little something about me...kinda "complainie?" I hate for plans to change. The whole OCD thing. Hate it with a passion!!! If I am all geared up in my head for a week of something and then it changes at the last minute it's hard for me to shift gears. Even with something as mundane as a teaching job. Weird I know! I have to hold it inside and get quiet for a minute cause it causes my blood pressure to rise just a bit. Then I have to tell myself how silly I am being. There is much wrenching in the gears dept in my head. After a bit I'm fine and life goes on but I gotta say...that first 5-10 minutes is a killer! Does anyone else out there suffer from the same thing?? I try hard to be a go with the flow kinda girl. If shopping plans change and we do something else I'm fine with that! Great!! But if it's something during the day that I have to do...something that I have to get my mind around in the first place....well then it's hard. I had to sit here at the computer with my coffee and have a moment of quiet cause now I'm the Korean culture teacher all day instead of a journalism teacher for half of the day. What a nerd! How do you change gears?? Is it hard for you?? Is it easy?? Pass on the knowledge girlfriends!!!!


The Jen said...

Notes from a 2nd grader:

me- "Did you see Ms. Dawn today at school?"

her-"Yes, she taught Korean cultures."

me-"Does Ms. Dawn know about Korean culture?"

her- "I don't think so. We just watched a movie and ate lots of popcorn." {said with a BIG smile}

So GREAT WORK shifting gears! ~jen~

Grandma Karen said...

Hang'n with Walker Jen I would think you would be an automatic gear shifter. I know that girl changes gears at the drop of a hat. She learned from the best gear shifter ME!