Saturday, December 08, 2007

Life with an 18 year old...

The other night the hubby and I are on a date. We are having a lovely time gazing into each others eyes and eating wonderful food with lovely conversation. Just us. Alone. Suddenly the hubby gets a phone call. This cute young man is on the other end. The son.......

He did this.....yes ladies he did. He broke my oven. How you ask?? He was standing in front of the pantry you can see to the left of the oven. He had a baseball in his hands and was tossing it back and forth trying to decide what to snack on. The ball got away from him and shattered the glass on the oven. Now people, we live on an Army post. This oven is not ours. SIGH!!!!!! I called the maintenence office and pleaded for leniency. They came and replaced the oven at no cost so The Son is alive and well.

I did make him clean it up first!