Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My newest quilt...

Since I've been off work for awhile I've been able to quilt again. :) Big smile! I found a pattern in the January 2008 The Quilter magazine. It is called Midnight Elements by Pine Tree Quilts. whew! I want to make sure to give credit to the right people. It's on page 27 just in case I'm supposed to give that as well. I changed the colors and did the borders just a bit different. It's for the Son and he loves it! I am sending it to be quilted by Walker Jen's mom. I've been sending her my quilts and loving what she has been doing to them!!!!! Insert Commercial:

If you are looking for a new quilter for all those lovely quilt tops in your closet...go to Karen's Quilting Service. See sidebar. :)

I just finished it this afternoon and am busy looking for my next project. I LOVE HAVING TIME OFF!!!!!!! heehee


The Jen said...

Nice top! I cannot wait to see it quilted. :)


Shelina said...

It is a nice top, but I am mad at you. You got it from a January 2008 magazine?!?!? Don't you know about proper marinating time. Oh look, what I made today, you say. Sigh. My fourteen year old quilt doesn't look quite so fabulous after that.

Quilting Journey said...

What a great pattern! You did such a nice job with colors and all. I can see why your son loves it! I do too!