Monday, December 10, 2007

Just get it all over with already!!!!!!

It's a crazy time here at Chez' Owens! The hubby has a couple of irons in the fire and I gotta tell ya...when the hubby has irons in the fire it makes for a very uncomfortable Chez' Owens.
First up...he finds out if he made Major or not on Weds. Huge pressure on him.
Second...Remember when I told you he didn't have a brain tumor?? Well it seems I spoke to soon. They wanted to do additional testing so on Thursday he has to have an MRI and and MRA. Yep, more pressure.
Third...we are leaving fabulous Korea this summer for greener pastures and it's time to figure out where we want to go. We plan, he makes calls, we finagle (is this a word??), we cajole and the Air Force laughs at how cute we are thinking we have a say-so in anything and sends us where they want. I want to go to a base by the mom and dad. He has tried to make that happen. But now...NOW he is all excited about this dream job. One where he will sort of be at school all day long learning about the finer points of his job. It's great for career progression but stinks if you have visions of long weekends with Gramma and Granpa.
My loving hubby handles all this stress in the typical male fashion...lots of loooong looks into space and much silence peppered by bursts of crabby-ness. I am daydreaming about trading him in for a new and improved model. If you are feeling sympathy pains for me then my work here is done! If you are feeling the need to send chocolate that would be greatly appreciated as well but better hold off...when he gets in these moods the next thing on his list is the improvement of his wife and he gets nit-picky. If you'll excuse me I am off to daydream about my happy place. The place where my house is clean, I have a Bernina sewing machine and my "nice" husband Carlo is all about rubbing the tension from my shoulders. :)
Dawn "hanging in there by a thread" Owens


The Jen said...

TheBoss told me about the "dream job" to which you refer. I says "Oh- Dawn is NOT going to like that..." BUT I want to be here to tell you, the dream job location is a STONE'S THROW from the IQA Show 2008, where we'll meet up and relive the Osan trip and buy copious amounts of fabric. AND Ft. Hood is also right up the road, so I bet we could get another friend in on the IQA road trip!!! VIVA IQA!!!


QuiltingFitzy said...

"When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in the end and HANG ON!"

Just take some deep breaths, it will all come out in the end!

Merry Christmas!

JudyL said...

Oh no . . you're scaring me. Be sure to post or send an e-mail or something when you find out about the MRI. Hopefully it's nothing serious. And, I hope wherever you end up, it's a fun place to be!