Thursday, December 13, 2007

An Affair..a hubby filled to the brim with Valium...

So I know everyone has been waiting with baited breath to see how the ole' MRI went today. It wasn't bad. The morning started early. Middle Daughter is home sick..what a tug at the momma heart strings! What to do?? Do I go with the hubby and support him through this time or stay with my baby while she has a fever and an upset tummy. We decided, gulp!, to let The Son stay home and take care of her AND hold down the fort. This is the same son who broke my oven last week. After making to many decisions to count at o dark thirty we were on the road and headed to the train station. The train station was pretty cool. Everything is in Korean but that didn't stop us from finding out way...and why is my computer putting everything in italics??? I hit the wrong key somewhere. What a dork. Back to my story. We get to Seoul and head to the hospital to make sure they are ready for him. We are a couple of hours early so we go to lunch. Then he pops the ole' Valium and we head back to the hospital where they take him to get his head checked. An hour later he comes sliding back in the room with a huge grin and red eyes. Let the fun begin!!! We decide to head back to the train station and get him something to drink and something else to eat cause now he has the munchies...heeheheeee
We find a coffee shop and buy a tart thingie and get a cup of coffee each. At the table next to us I notice a man talking softly to a woman and she is upset and not looking at him. Now here in the story you are asking yourself if I minded my own business and let them be and then you are shaking your head and saying, "not our girl!" I angled myself so I could see what was going on. They were Korean but ladies....we can ALL read body language and I knew without a doubt what was happening. He got up to leave at one point and she started to sniffle. There was a suitcase next to where he was sitting. I waited patiently for him to come back.

I'm thinking that he told his wife, who lives a couple of hours away, that he had a business trip and this woman sitting in the coffee shop is his mistress.

I glanced at my hubby and saw that he was staring off into space in a nice drug induced stupor and went back to watching the couple.

The man did come back and he got some tissue for the lady. He then gets out his calendar and tries to set up another "date". She wasn't having it. I'm thinking he was supposed to leave his wife and Other Woman's' biological clock has been ticking and she is fed up with waiting for him. She started to cry softly so he did what any sensitive man would do and he tried to hand her money. She looked shocked. I looked shocked...but in a secretive way cause I was trying very hard for them to not see me looking. He talked to her for a bit until she finally took the money. Then my hubby got fidgety and decided he wanted some chips. I had to take him to a convenience store across the train station. It was okay though cause it had been some day what with him having his head checked and the affair to remember and the 6000 taxis we took around town. We should get the results in a week or two. I am convinced he will get a good report. Thanks for everyone for their kind words!!! You guys are the greatest!!! I'm off to bed now. Night!

Put a fork in me...I'm done!


QuiltingFitzy said...

Can we write our own synopsis?

Wife was sad because her hubby had to go away on a long trip. Leaving her her home alone with 6 children and the Christmas gifts weren't bought yet, money was very tight, and see honey? I'll be home on the 24th.

I spent the first 6 months of our marriage living 2500 miles from my sweetie (I had to sell a condo and graduate a daughter from high school!). Spent many teary moments at the airport. Everything all comes out good in the end!

Glad hubby's testing went smoothly, we're pullin' for you all.

Lil said...

You are really making me laugh lately.....

I had a similar experience at the train station in Gumi recently. A couple were fighting and we were sitting in the next table over. I secretly pulled out my camera, turned off the flash and started TAKING PICTURES. So tell me, my friend.... did you take pictures??? I didn't have the guts to post them on my blog lest anyone think I am a wierdo. But the secret is out now. Ha ha. Might as well get to posting them....