Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas and Walker Jen's affair...

Man oh man oh man! Christmas is just around the corner! I still have so much to do. I don't even know what I am serving for Christmas dinner. We aren't sure if we want the traditional dinner or if we want to go all buck wild and crazy. The parents are having T-Bones. When I told the hubby we looked at each other and said hmmmmmmmmm T-Bones! :) I just know that no one wants a turkey and if I make a ham I swell up like a waterlogged sponge. All that salt. I also have to get a few more things for The Son and some stocking stuffers. I need to get my nails done as well. You can't be Christmassy with nails not done. On Monday I am going to get up early to clean house. I love for it to be all sparkly Christmas Eve. oooooooh I may take the girls so we can get our toes done. I'm not to sure I will feel Christmassy enough unless I get my toes done. heehee What else...hmmmmm......I know there is more...Oh yeah, I have to bake three dozen cookies and make a dish to bring to a cookie swap/potluck on Thursday. I should get that done today since I'm subbing for the music teacher that day. Oh, and Walker Leigh is having a Christmas party on Saturday...gotta take something to that. A fingery food thing. On Sunday we have a small get together to go to and I have to take something to that. I probably will need to hit the grocery store. this post exciting or what?!!! I have to go now. I am going shopping with Walker Leigh and hopefully out to lunch. Our Walker Jen is seeing another woman today. We think she may have a mistress and will we will be getting our binoculars out to follow her. If another woman is going to notice how wonderfully exciting she is and move in wellllllllllllllllll I may have to open up a can of "you know what"! and go all crazy! heeheehee We will have a moment of silence for you girlfriend!!! :)
Have a wonderful day everyone!