Monday, July 14, 2008

A day...A week...A month...A year

Waaaaaay back when...when the hubby and I were just dating, I had to move away. From California to Sicily.
Yeah, that far.
My dad was in the Air Force and 5 days after I graduated High School I had to say goodbye to this boy I loved more then life itself. I still remember the night we said goodbye, vividly. I had to drive back to our hotel. Alone. I almost didn't make it. It still ranks up there with the top 10 of THINGS THAT HAPPENED IN MY LIVE THAT TOTALLY SUCKED. I remember I had this pain in my chest. I physically hurt. For weeks. I couldn't even cry, or talk mostly for days. It was bad. It took me a year to work my way back to him and then another couple of months for us to get married. Just goes to show that if you are meant to be with someone and are willing to cross oceans to be with then...well it can be done.
Why am I writing about this you ask?? My son. He is going through the same thing I promised myself that none of my kiddos would have to go through. He had to say goodbye to the love of his life a couple of weeks ago cause it was time for us to move back to the States and she is going off to college to be a doctor. I feel so bad for them. They are going to keep in touch and since she will only be 7 hours from where we live they will be able to make use of the Greyhound bus like no one else's business. Now he does have it easier then we did. There is Internet for one thing...and cell phone's....and Vonage. Let us not forget to bow before the holy grail that is the Vonage phone. Plus they are both good at keeping in touch with is not what one could say about The Capt. He's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better about that stuff now but walking a mile and a half everyday to the post office to check and see if he had written and coming up empty...well let's just say that it's not my idea of a good time. Hmph!

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

I just know one thing...I'm there for him.


QuiltingFitzy said...

Please try and see if it services areas you could work with. My daughters(2) have used it numerous times from Cincinnati to Chicago. Round trip is like $15. They only stop for a meal and once in Indy. Worth a try.

If it's meant to be..then it will be.

Chocolate Cat said...

I think just the fact that you understand means that if it is meant to be it will work out. I know you will help them see each other as much as possible. You are a wonderful mum just for caring.

Anonymous said...

dawn...i was checking your blog to see if ya'll were headed to ohio yet or not...when you get settled, please email me your mailing address ( so i can send Anthony an overdue graduation present...i meant to give it to you before we left but forgot. it was great to see you by the way...hope we can all get together soon either in ohio or down here in tn. love, polly