Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Man in Car...

Dear Mr. Man in Car I saw after I dropped my mom off at work,

What is it about your boogers that make them so tasty for you?? I just don't understand the attraction. Also, did you not know that I could see you?? Did you not see me gagging and then laughing and then gagging some more?? Just because you are in your car does not mean that you are behind a force field of invisibility. Really. No Really. We all could see you. What if I was trying to eat a yummy Dunkin Donut or say a very yummy sandwhich from Burger King?? How could I enjoy those lovely stolen calories after I saw all of that?!?!?! Can I say to you...EWWWWWWYYY!

Side note to hubby: Dear hubby...I was totally not eating anything from Dunkin Donuts or from Burger King. Nu-uh! Not me!! I was chomping on carrots. Yep, carrots and ummmmmm celery! Yeah! Carrots and celery!

Back to Man in Car: Please don't ever do that again. If you must...I mean really must partake...then wait until you are home. Draw all the blinds, lock all the doors and then.......well, actually, not even then.

The End.


Anonymous said...

Your funny is back! Thanks for making me smile today.
Mary in OK

Sweet P said...

I laughed out loud reading this! You are so funny.