Sunday, July 20, 2008


I got nothing folks...nothing funny at all....sigh. Someone needs to help me bring back the funny.

I am still here at the Rents' house. Monday is the start of week 4. The van has been sitting in a crate for over a week on a dock in Seattle. The hubby and I are waiting for them to release it so he can pack up and head on to get me and the girls. It's been 22 days with the Rents' and thankfully.....amen baby Jesus...thankfully all is well. We've been to movies, book stores, lunched, dinnered, coffee'd, sigh (cue the hallelujah chorus) malls galore, a Renaissance Festival and the zoo. I will upload pics tomorrow as it is a day of nothing. :)

Such is the busy life of a military family in moving limbo. I keep imagining our new home in my head. The colors I want to paint walls. How I am going to decorate my cute little front porch area. All those kinds of girlie things. We've seen a picture of the front of the house and can I just tell you how incredibly excited I am to see that I will have bushes out front and that the house is red brick!!!!!

Monday the van should be released...fingers crossed!!!....and then The Son and the Capt will get a few things done to it and be on their way a day later. I miss them more then you know. The other night I was laying in bed and got hives all of the sudden. As I was itching and tossing and turning Middle Daughter started laughing. She says to me "Mom! You are so freaking out!! Dad really needs to come soon." Amen sister girl. Amen. Then I made her slather "itch be gone" cream all over my back for punishment. :)


Lauren The Artist said...

I LOVE the Renn Fair. I doubt we'll make to one this year, but you never know. I'm glad your van is almost on the streets. Hang in there. I bet your new porch will be lovely! ~jen~

Chocolate Cat said...

It is time you had your family all back together again! I am so hoping the van is released today and the menfolk can be on their way!!!

Leigh said...

I hear ya girl, you are starting week 4, me week 5 and it will probably be at least 8 weeks before we are fully moved out of here and in our house!!!! OMG!!! 8 weeks???? Will I survive? You are going to love seeing your van! Can't wait to see your new place.

Leigh said...
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Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

You are doing well to live back home for that long...and without the man. Hope there is lots of action...and a cute little your world really soon! Tracey

My Thanh said...

Wow, must be rough, but I'm sure you'll make it through!