Friday, July 25, 2008

a new name....

Next week we will be in Ohio. Yep! My men have had enough of being away from the wonderfulness that is me and got them some plane tickets! Yeah!!! They will be here Sunday.We are having the van diverted to St. Louis instead of waiting til goodness knows when for them to release it. Somebody (hate them!!) didn't fill out their paperwork correctly so the WHOLE shipment will sit there until they can get a hold of him to fix it. Yeah. It will sit there til then. Sheesh! Anyway, the Capt decided enough was enough and is coming to get me. Cue the hallelujah chorus ya'll!!
So, since I am no longer having any adventures in Korea I needs me a new name for the ole' blog. I've been thinking about his forever and have come up blank. What do you all think??? I needs me some help. Here are some of my ideas...

The life and times of me
My life...or something like it

You get the idea. Anyone out there got any other ideas?? I'd really appreciate some help here internets!!!


Lauren The Artist said...

Oooh- I'm so glad you get to see the men-folk soon! I'm sure you are absolutely thrilled. I do hope that the stinkin' gov't paid for those tickets, too.

As for the blog name how about this:
Are You Sitting Down
G'owens On 'Round Here

I like the 2nd one. ~jen~

Leigh said...

Jen, you are so creative! Yeah, did the government pay for those tickets? They should, because his duty station is Ohio and they are suppose to fly him to the closest airport to the new duty station! Don't let them tell you different! I got your back! 'Cause you know that will open that can of whoop ass!