Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Okay, here is our back story. The hubby decided last week that enough was enough and to heckydarn with Customs...he was buying some plane tickets and was coming to Chicago to pick up me and the girls. He gets into town, with The Son in tow, without luggage. The government would only book him a ticket to Ohio with a layover in Chicago. If he wanted to stay on a longer layover who were they to say anything?? This is what he decided to do. The only problemo was that the airlines declined, ever so nicely like they are known to do and would not let him pick up his bags in Chicago. They sent them to Ohio and gave him 48 hours to pick them up. When did they tell him of this time limit?? 1 day ago. They were gonna send his stuff to a holding area in Chicago! yeah Chicago...and he would have to go to the airport in Ohio! yeah, Ohio, and fill out paperwork to have the bags sent to us. Would they let him pick up the luggage in Chicago. No. That would make to much sense.
Fast forward to yesterday. We get the call from the airlines that we had a day to get ourselves to Ohio or else. Can you say stress?!?! I had to do laundry, clean up our mess at the Rents' house, pack, ummmmmmmmmm rent a van cause ours is STILL ON A BOAT IN SEATTLE SITTING THERE COLLECTING DUST and can we talk about the cost of renting what they call One Way?!?!? Oh my goodness!! It cost us $180 a day to rent that van. Why?? Why you ask?? Cause we were only going One Way. Whew. Within hours we get on the road with the three kids...the dog...and one very unhappy cat. Who cried. Who cried himself silly for 5 and a half straight hours. Oh, and he used the bathroom in his crate to let us know how unhappy he was with the whole sit-ee-a-tion. Gotta love his determination.
We are here now. We are here in a lovely hotel.
Can we now about the people in Ohio for a sec. They are lovely and I think I may just fluffy pink heart them. Being one half of an interracial couple I soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo appreciate being able to walk down the street without causing an accident due to people doing a double take. Yeah, it still happens. My peeps in Ohio?? soooo lovely and helpful and un-stare-ee. I thinks I'm gonna like it here. :)
We saw our new home today. Just the outside cause they weren't able to let us in. We don't get to go in til Monday. When we get the keys. Yeah, move in day. I did the next best thing and peeked in the windows. My new lawn needs some water and a little TLC. The kitchen is really small. Really small. I am going to set my mind and call it "cozy." Otherwise I think it's a go. :) I'm gonna make it a go. The neighborhood is really nice. I think I saw a couple of possibles....friends that is. Cross fingers and knock wood. I've had some lovely chicken wings and a couple of really good ribs. I am all about the food folks. Also, more importantly...THERE ARE SIX QUILT STORES IN MY AREA!!! I feel the need to support my quilt store owning sistas. I will need to check them out as soon as possible.
Okay, that's all I've got in me tonight. I'm exhausted. I'm gonna go to bed. Night all!!!


Chocolate Cat said...

So glad you are going to like it in Ohio, sure you would like it much more here in my town!!

Lauren The Artist said...

I already have Ohio-envy! I loved it there. Go to Ritters Custard today. But some quilty fabrics for your new Americana 3D Sampler. =) Welcome home. ~jen~

Sweet P said...

It sounds like life is slowly beginning to settle down . . . now if only you could the van . . .

My Thanh said...

Wow, have any of your other moves been this stressful? Man, I know moving is never easy, but the one thing I can't stand is when stuff doesn't make any sense. And when you can't get people to listen to reason. You seem to have handled it much better than I could!

My Thanh said...

When my hubby and I moved from Georgia to Washington, for his work, he had his car shipped cross-country. We decided to drive my Jeep, with our three cats. We dropped his car off at the shipping company on a Saturdy morning. That night, coming back late from a party, we got hit by a drunk driver. We were going about 50, and he was going about 100 and rear-ended us. He was so drunk, he didn't even see us till he hit us.

So, we weren't hurt, thankfully, but the Jeep was caput. So I went out and rented a car the next day, Sunday. Brad left flew to Washington that night.

He found an apartment that was empty and could take the cats right away. Then I drove those cats, through the snow (Southerners don't handle snow very well) to the Atlanta airport and stuck then on a cargo plane. My poor babies ended up with a 2 hour lay-over in MN, where it was friggin' cold, and finally made it to Washington. Brad stuck them in the empty apartment, hired a pet-sitter, then flew back to GA.

After we had all our stuff packed and hauled off, we flew to TX to spend Christmas with my folks, then flew to Washington. Since our stuff was still in transit, we stayed in a hotel, and I made daily visits to see my kitties.

We had a rental, of course. When Brad's car came in a few days later, he drove to the shipping company to get it. And let me tell you, it looked like someone had driven a fork lift into the rear end of it. That Trans-Am was his baby!

We had no kids yet at the time, so it could have been a lot worse. And, hey, at least I got a new vehicle out of it!

Leigh said...

It will calm down girl!