Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Dream.....

11 years ago there was a girl, she had a dream. It was a simple dream really. She wanted a tattoo. Tastefully done mind you but a tattoo all the same. She struggled with the hows and the whys. The shoulds and the should she nots. She also wondered if it would hurt like holy heck-a-ma-darn. Today this young woman found out. (no one better laugh at the "young woman" part either!!! I'm young dog-gone-it!!!) Today this woman went and got er' done. She is without her husband. He is not the boss of her BUT before she makes any life changes to her person she always likes to check with him first. Since he has not seen her or her person in almost 5 weeks he was putty in her hands. The idea of his bride with a tat intrigued him. He gave a non committal "do what you want" and then he sort of snorted.
That is a sarcastic kind of laughter for all of you not up to date on your Capt Speak. He did not believe she would go through with it. That snort said to her "ooooooh yeah, surrrrrrrrrrrrrre you'll go and get've only been talking about this for 11 years. bwahahahahahaha isn't the poor wittle baby girl afwaid of needles??" That small single snort stuck in her craw. She decided to sleep on it.

She woke up this morning full of the possibilities only a brand new day can bring. What to do?? Where to go?? Who to go with?? She got all cutified with her brand new sassy haircut to make sure she would be ready for whatever life had to throw at her. Then, her hands came across the yellow pages of a lone phone book. What were they looking for?? Her fingers went, of their own violation, to the letter T. She perused. She perused some more. Her eyes looked down. There it was. A tattoo parlor. The girl sat and looked at the phone number. She thought about how much it would hurt to get it done. Did she really want one?? The wild-child inside of her awoke and pleaded for release. The momma in her resisted. A war began. She went to close the book and go on with her day when she remembered the snort. The one her husband did. The wild-child roundhouse kicked the momma in her and for once got to run free and unencumbered. She looked for her own mother and asked her if she would go with and hold her hand. A dream, long wished for, was about to become real.

They pulled up to the tattoo parlor with the song Born To Be Wild as their anthem. The girl walked in. A tattoo parlor is not for the faint of heart. She got nervous. The momma in her awoke and asked her to think about it again. The Wild-Child inside of her said to go for it. This was something she wanted to do. No, it probably doesn't make sense for a 39 year old woman...a quilter...a momma....a church going get one but dag-gone-it, she wanted it. She'd always been the good girl...cept for those couple of years in High School....yeah, cept for those.
Could she do it?? Would she? She gave a man named Snake a picture. The discussed the why's how's and how much. She listening quietly to his speech peppered with four letter words. He asked how big. She told him small. She told him it was her first time and she was a little nervous. He consoled her with a few more 4 letter words thrown in for good measure. She looked at her mother and they smiled at each other. She was going for it. After 30 minutes of Snake drawing the tattoo and putting it in the designated spot she was prepped and ready.

Another man we will call The Pony-Tailed Guy told her that he would be giving her the tattoo. She was all "but!! But I've already bonded with the Snake guy!!" No one cared about her bonding with the tattoo people issues. He told her to sit in the chair and not move. She was all "but!! but!! I don't get any privacy??" He told her they don't hide anything here even her bare back. Then he began. As that needle.....that was as long as a forearm by the way, touched her back for the first time a couple of four letter words wanted to escape her OWN lips. All she let out was an OH MY GOD and a WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW OW OW. Her mother told her to breath in her nose and out her mouth. She pursed her lips and dug her feet in for the long haul. By this time there was a small crowd watching her and one woman who came in to get a large tattoo promptly changed her mind when she saw the faces of the quiet girl. She went smaller....then smaller still.

no, she was all kinds of happy and felt a little After 15 minutes she was done. It wasn't a big one...just something for her. She had done it. She had really done it!!! OH MY GOD SHE HAD DONE IT!!!! WHAT HAD SHE DONE???? heeheeummmm well flirty and dangerous to tell you the truth. As they drove home they pulled up next to a very tatted man with writing all over his neck. The girl rolled down her window and said "scuse me!!!" He looked over. "Hi! I just got a tattoo as well." then she grinned, knowing he would understand and that they would now be BFF's and he would invite her to all the parties and hey! maybe she'd get a motorcycle next and a thong!! He grinned back at her and said, very eloquently, "Oh Yeah?" She said "yep!" and grinned again. She was wild. She was free. She was woman hear her roar. Then he grinned at her again and she noticed he was free of a couple of teeth. At that time the light turned green. She and her mother drove off into the sunset....faintly, ever faintly, the surrounding people heard the sound of Born To Be Wild and looked after the girl with admiration...and I think, a touch of envy.
The End.


Jeanne said...

Me, too, Dawn :)


Lauren The Artist said...

Oh lordy pete. I'm glad you didn't go with the rose tat on your boob!!! HAHAHA. Now, we need pictures. Get the capt to authorize, snort, pictures. =) heheheeh

Sweet P said...

What? No photos? Oh come on, share a photo!

PS - I like your new blog name.

Jenna said...

We want pictures!!!

Coo coo ca-choo, Mrs. Robinson said...

I'm with the others...pix coming? You're braver than me, girl!