Sunday, January 25, 2009


Hi Intnetz!!!!! I missed you!!! I did!! I did!! No, my laptop is not up and running. It is sitting in the timeout corner thinking about what it has done and how it can rectify the situation. We are expecting it to crack like a walnut any day now. Oh, and yes hmmmm I do have another computer......hugs to My Thanh for worrying about me....but is is really cold in that room (whine whine whine) and it is old and really slow. I can't post any pictures on it. Plus it's not on my couch where I can sit with a cup of coffee in one hand and the laptop in my welllll in my lap. It will have to do though until my brother aka Lord Of All Things Computer can figure out what is wrong with it just by reading the EMERGENCY OH MY GOODNESS MY COMPUTER/LIFELINE TO MY SOUL HAS DIED HELP ME BEFORE I COMMIT HARI-KARI IN OHIO WHO CARES IF YOU WORK 1225894 HOURS A WEEK I NEEDS YA NOW LOVE YA SMOOCHES TO THE KIDS email I am gonna send him today.
So what is a blogger to do when her laptop has committed suicide and she cannot blog comfortably?? Why go to her momma's house!!! Yep folks, I bundled up The Boo-Bear and drove 5 hours to The Rents house for a little visit. I'm actually here to pick up a treadmill they have and take it home oh AND CAUSE I LURRRRVS THEM!! Not just cause I'm taking home a very cute red corner cabinet for my bathroom as well. Oh, and they are letting me have a TV to replace the one that blew up on us, yes the one we bought the day after Thanksgiving that was all flat and gor-gee-us, til we can get another one. Income tax refund here we come! Oh, and do not let me forget that very late last night a call came in that my dad's only surviving brother was in the hospital and they should come now, RIGHT NOW, so they are not home right this minute and I may need to help them downsize a bit more AND the roll top desk is batting it's brown eyes at me. I do not care that my middle brother has dibs. He is three hours away. By the time he figures it out I will have it all shiny in mah hiz-ouse. Boo-Ya Mickel Pickle!! Who's your momma now??!!!!
Just kidding about taking advantage of a family situation (uncle will be fine by the way...Rents called this morning and all is well) and cleaning my parents out....ooooohhhhhhh china hutch come to momma!!........before they come back this afternoon............OOOOOOOOO small fireplace unit that would look fabo in my living room.......Okay, gotta go and get to packing ahem I mean making some breakfast! Honest!!


My Thanh said...

Funny. My brother, who lives four hours away, is also my technology go-to-guy. He can diagnose most things over the phone or via email. Gotta love him!

I'm all about my laptop, too. My kids fight over the desktop in the office. They can have it! I sit in my recliner with my laptop, and all is well with the world.

We just bought a big, plasma screen tv. With all the bad luck we've had with electronics, this one better work out. I never watch much tv, but the hubby would be all kinds of cranky if his "4th son" didn't live up to his expectations!

Leigh said...

What is your momma gonna say when she reads this blog?! You are cleaning her out! It is only with love, I know! I do the same with my mom! Have fun girl.

Chocolate Cat said...

Hope your brother responds to your computer emergency asap!!!!