Thursday, January 29, 2009

Working out....

Let me start at the beginning.....4 days ago I signed into Turbo Tax and did our taxes to see what kind of wonderful refund we were gonna be spending on shiny things this year. Let me say it was guuuuuuuud. :) I informed my hubby with a grin, explained all the things I thought we should do and see and buy when I realized he was sitting at the table with a pen, calculator and pad of paper.


This wasn't gonna be good. In a fit of craziness, the other day, I helped him get a handle on our bills...interest rates.......monthly payments and where the good booze is hidden. In my defense he asked while in his new uniform. Have you seen him in his new Air Force Issued Uniform?? It makes me drool and want to say Come To Momma Big Boy while giggling. Why the Boo-Bear thinks we only did some of IT three times I will never know. Anyway he asked me to sit. I said I didn't wanna. He asked again and pointed to the empty chair next to him. All of my traitorous children left the room. I think I heard one of them say "She is sooooooooo on her own with this one!" heh.
I sat. He explained that we were going to be all grown up this year and get some things in order with MY ummm I mean OUR refund. I may have run screaming out the front door WHY LORD!!! WHY?!?!?!!!! He wasn't swayed by my look of bereftness. I wanted a new computer for the family room int-netz!!!! The one we have now is soooooooooo slow and's old. Again, the Capt? Not moved. I asked him if he had a soul??? And how could he hurt me this way??? He waited patiently for me to see reason. sigh. What's a girl to do. He explained.....he figured....we talked new tires and breaks.......he figured some more....talked about being debt free in a year......had to get my attention again as I day dreamed longingly about new shiny computers that go fast, real fast.....then he sat back to see what I had to say. Again, sigh. I agreed to everything cause I am a good wife and he had a pretty good plan, plus he told me that earlier that day he had gone out to get me a really rockin treadmill but the store was all sold out so he said for me to get my coat on and we were gonna go and find us one!!!! My soul sangeth once more. :)
Three days ago in between snow storms I braved the elements and became the proud owner of a treadmill. Let me just say that it is fabulous and that I lurvs it with a red hot passion. Yesterday I got on there for the first time and worked my little heart out. I have it down to a science. Two miles to start since two miles about kills me I thought I'd work my way up. This morning I thought I'd do a little narrative on how it goes......

Get I-pod.
Find earphones that Boo-Bear has hidden in the dark abyss of her room.
Get bottle water.
Find shoes.
Hop on treadmill.
Hop off and then stretch.
Hop back on and do a half mile power walk all while patting self on back for how skinny you already look.
Run half a mile regretting all the while those two cupcakes you had last night.
Power walk half a mile while chugging some water and thinking who is gonna get your fabric stash cause God knows you are about to keel over and die.
Eye distance and see that this half mile is almost over and you have promised to run the last half mile.
Re-think that promise.
Call self a big fat wuss and tell self you can do it.
Self is mad and thinking about the cupcakes in the fridge and really, what if we get hit by a bus...would this little work out really matter?? Would I die with a smile on my face for getting these two miles in or would I smile thinking that the very last thing I ate was a fab-u-lus cupcake.
Rue the idea of making those cupcakes last night.
Decide to pump up the speed and go for it.
Go for it while singing Rob Thomas' Lets See How Far We've Come.
Boo-Bear comes in to see what I am doing and laughs.
Rue her.
See I have only run a tenth of that half mile and wonder if anyone will know if you lie and say you ran.
Realize I will know.
Finish run and go outside to stand in the snow cause I am a burning volcano.
Laugh out loud cause I am so darned proud of me!

Tomorrow I try again. I will keep you posted! I am determined to be Fabulous and 40 this year!!!

Happy Healthy Eating Today Everyone!!!


My Thanh said...

Yay for you! The hardest part is getting started. I have been determined to get up and do a couple of ab workouts, but here I still sit on the couch with the computer. I'm going to do it, though!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

My treadmill has a TV in it. I love it. Oh, and if you haven't powere walked to Brittany Spears Womanizer, you must. I generally can't stand her music but this one SCREAMS treadmill music!


Leigh said...

YEAH! Way to go girl! Keep up the great work!

Chocolate Cat said...

Wow! Fabulous 40 and debt free!! What a year you are going to have!!

Jodi said...

YOU GO GIRL! Wooo! Nothing feels better than knowing you got off your hiney and exercised! Keep it up.

I am doing the wii fit lately because me and my treadmill have had a fight. I don't want to get on and it wants me to at least shake off the dust.

We are doing the boring adult-like responsible thing with our income tax return this year too. Which is so depressing because I could totally fly to Florida and vacation for a month with the amount we are getting back. But then the bills will still be here when I get back... *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Debt free is goooood!!!Thou shall submit. Kudos on squeezing your workout in and seriously 40? I thought you were more like 29!

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