Saturday, January 10, 2009


The Boo-Bear had a spend the night birthday party to go to last night so after I dropped her off the 16 year old and I went to the movies. We saw Bride Wars. It was pretty good! Got a little teary at the end and made her promise me she would get married with a real wedding and not elope to Vegas. She has promised me it will be the wedding of my ummm her dreams.
We were to get another ice/snow storm today. So far no ice, just rain. Lots of rain. Do you think maybe the weather people are just as confused as the rest of us as to what it will be like outside from day to day and are giving us their best guesses?? I was all stoked about the storm. So much so that the 16 year old and I went to the grocery store after the movie last night to stock up on things we would need to survive the Great Snow Of 09. Things like goldfish crackers and ju-ju bees.
With no snow how can I justify eating two boxes of snaps?
Also, with the Capt of Healthy Eating on TDY we were able to get the good bread. The no nutritional value whatsoever but oh so tasty bread.
How can I justify eating that if I'm not stuck in my snow covered house???

Just checked the forecast again and they are promising we are going to get some ice and snow. I will have the snaps and the bread of mah dreams at the ready. For now I need to get some laundry started and clean house. I need to pick up The Boo-Bear in two hours. Maybe the powers that be felt bad about all my car breakage (yeah, our second car? Making squeaky noises when you press on the break and gas peddles. That would make broken cars - 2 wife scratching her head - 1) and decided I deserved some snow. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm We shall see. :)
Happy Saturday-ing everyone!!


Chocolate Cat said...

Just the fact the Captn is away TDY is all the excuse you need to have the good bread and all the other goodies!!!! If you really need convincing just shut the cutains and tell yourself there is snow and ice outside!!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

That is so funny....can i just say that I stock up on chocolate EVERY week in case there is a snow day....and it is summer here!
Your TDY curse works just the same here when DGH goes away water ever stops coming to my taps except the instant he leaves...then i am standing on a roof in the dark with the mobile phone trying to understand man speak on fixing water pumps or tanks!!
And no, NEVER buy an important do dad without their express input because even if it blows up in 20 years it will still be ALLL YOUR FAULT!!
Did a little package arrive from me yet or do all your mail people no matter what country have a Tracey package vendetta???
LOve Tracey

Leigh said...

You stock up and ENJOY!