Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh Ma-yan!!!!!

Remember my last post about waking up on Sunday thinking I should do something with my sewing room?? That it needed a change...member that?? Well I did it. I had some coffee and then filled to the brim with caffeine I charged in there to see what was what. I wanted my big sewing center from IKEA to be moved from one wall to another. This meant I needed to take everything from in it's interiors and put it on the floor. I have a lot of stuff you guys! It was The Son's day off so and I didn't want to wake him so I figured I could move the thing by myself. I mean how hard could it be I ask ya?? There is a desk and two shelves hooked onto a large armoire thingie. I had to move the whole thing at one time. I girded my loins and pulled. Nothing. I girded some more and pulled harder AND BROKE THE DESK PORTION IN HALF.

Oh. Boy.

That thing cracked like you wouldn't believe. It made such a loud noise with everything crashing around and me screaming that all my kids got up out of bed to see what had happened. All three of them standing in the doorway looking at me with their mouths open. No one said a word. We all just looked at each other and then I sat down. I tell you I cannot believe it happened. As I was sitting there looking at the broken desk, trying really hard not to sob WHY?!?!?!? like Nancy Kerrigan, my kiddos came in and sat around me. No one touched me or said a word. Even the dog came in to sit by me. I started to laugh and then gave this big sigh and put my head on my knees. We sat that way for about 10 minutes. My son says to me very gently "Mom, why didn't you come and get me? I would've helped you." Why because that would have made SENSE dear heart. heh. When I looked up at their faces I realized I needed to get it together. This would not break me!! Hubby on TDY....two cars broken.....sick child......IT WOULD NOT BREAK ME!!!!! I am woman hear me meow.
I had another desk portion to the sewing center out in my garage. We all tromped out there in our pj's (big sorry to the neighbors that you had to see me in all my morning loveliness!!) found what I needed and then tromped back in the house. All 4 of us, even the dog. We got rid of the broken parts and The Son helped move the armoire into place. The he told me that I could have his shelving unit from his room to put my fabric on. He got my other desk into place and then walked over to me. Ladies, get out your hankies....then he put his arms around me and held me for a second. He says, while my head was on his shoulder, "sorry about the sewing center mom."

When did my boy become a man?

After all of that I started to take fabric out of my bins to put on shelves. When the first bin was unloaded I decided it would be a good time to take a nap! hahahahaha I told the kiddos to wake me in an hour. Since the hubby is gone the house can look like a tornado cause I have all day and night if need be to get er' done. I woke up from my nap and worked in there for a solid three hours....cleaned the rest of the house and made some dinner. The next day I went to Walmart to get some more book shelves. I put the small one together with no problem. As I was working on the bigger one my son got home from work and peeked in to see what I was doing now. Then he laughed cause what I was doing was putting the darn thing together backwards. AUGH!! He helped me get it right and told me that on Tuesday he was gonna take me to lunch...his treat...and then take me to Barnes and Noble so he could buy me a book. Any book. Any ole' book I wanted in the whole wonderful place. Yeah, he is a keeper.

Today my sewing room is all done and it looks wonderful. All of the fabric I've been collecting the past 4 years is out on shelves so I can touch it and look at it dreamily. Now when I want to do a project I don't have to move heavy bins around trying to find what I need. It is right at my fingertips. What a day it was.

I am off to get myself ready for lunch and Barnes and Noble. Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday out there!!!


Leigh said...

WOW! You did good with Ant. What a great "kid". Where are the pics?

Jeri is said...

OK, wanna come do my sewing room now?

Anonymous said...

Aaawww! He's a good son, great job Mom. Too bad my girls are so young, he'll make a good husband someday!

Chocolate Cat said...

Does nothing ever go according to plan??!! Isn't it amazing that every now and then the kids just know what to say and do, how important something is?? Enjoy your lunch with your son and treasure the memory forever. Hey where is the photo of your sewing room???

mascanlon said...

Photo? I need the inspiration, my room is just a jumble and so hard to work in!

Anonymous said...

The Son has earned points...and no, there is no way to see it minute they are sweaty and stinky and burping and scratching and the next they are our comforters, our strength our protectors. YEA for SONS!!!


Mary Johnson said...

You're making me miss my boys! Luckily, they're both coming for a visit in a few weeks - I can't wait!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

I would have done the exact same thing!!
So pleased it turned out ok, but I want the before, during and after the pj's of course!! Would you think me rude if I suggested you re-enact all of it to get those pics for me...he he he!!
Lise and I talked about you today so you felt like you were here...we think you are very entertaining and really need to come to Oz! Tracey

My Thanh said...

Ha, you're crazy! I broke one of my couch legs a while ago whilst feeling the need to move furniture around. I feel your pain.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Thanks for the kind words you left for me on my blog. Just read your entry and am laughing my butt off. Anyone that can compare her potential crying jag to Nancy Kerrigan is totally cool in my book!

Love you already!!

Diana LaMarre said...

What a wonderful story. What a fabulous son! You are a very lucky woman!

Please post photos of your sewing room to inspire me to do something with mine.

Stephanie D said...

Awww, what a terrific husband-in-training! And how sweet of all of them, even the dog, to pitch in!