Monday, January 08, 2007

Day Out with Sarah

On Saturday the base we live on decided to fiddle with the water lines so they turned the water off from 9am-4pm. What's a girl to do?? Go out with Downstairs Jen!!! Lauren was off on a ski trip...Kareem and Anthonie headed out to see a movie so it was boo-bear and mom time. We headed downtown with Jen and two of her kiddos. She took me to the neatest store!! It was about 5 floors of know how I love stuff...and it was decorated and set up all fung-shwayie. Here is Sarah next to a ball that cost about a zillion dollars...this store was not for the Walmart lover in me! :)

This is a display of dish-ware set on sand in the middle of ta-tami mats. We think before you shopped you had to take off your shoes cause you never...I mean NEVER step on these mats with shoes on.

Here is boo-bear having candy covered strawberries on a stick and Downstairs Jen!

This is in front of a store that sold clothes and tiny stuffed animals. Right across the street you can see Downstairs Jen taking pictures of the high heeled tennis shoes..what's that all about???

There were a ton of signs that took the two of us back to when we were in Jr High and body noises could make you laugh....I'm afraid that we were giggling all the way down the street. Here is one of the tamer ones that made me laugh. heeheehee

After all the walking around it was time for lunch, plus is was COLD! out and started to snow. We went on to a pork place and this is what I had. See the stuff that is behind the bowl of's yellow...know what that was?? COLD MASHED POTATOES! Yep....eewwwww! I didn't like it! Everything else was yummy. It took 5 waiters to get our who could talk semi good in English and the other 4 to giggle and give her moral support. I absolutely love downtown and could go there every weekend! Sarah got a pair of rockin' boots so she had a good time. As we were walking back to the car to go home I look up at a coffee shop and there were my men standing in the window trying to get our attention. Love it when that happens!! We went in and chatted with them for a couple of minutes and then it was on home to take a nap! How was your weekend??


Pam said...

What are the candy coated strawberries coated with? Is this something that is sold all over Korea? Interesting.