Monday, January 15, 2007

happy morning spent...........

So I know I put on here that I was cleaning and cooking a huge meal today...guess what I've been doing instead????????????? READING ALL YOUR BLOGS OUT THERE!!! I have spent a very nice hour with my coffee and my "puter reading blogs. Yep, and I don't feel bad about it! Nope!! Well, the hubby has walked by here twice and each time he said "are you still reading about other people??!!" and "what are you laughing about??!! You don't know these people!!" Silly silly man! Of course I know them!! It's funny how when you start reading about other people you really feel like they are friends. I know that when one of you writes about problems in the family I feel for you. Or when someone signs off cause they have an emergency I check on your blog to see if you're back and also to see if everything is okay. When you post a joke I laugh right along with you. When your kiddos are having problems with the bully at school I get mad at the bully and the bullies family...hey...I know people who can take care of bullies!! EMail me and we'll talke! heehee My favorite is when I get a comment from someone out there!! LOVE THAT!! Okay, enough already...I am off to chase away some dust bunnies. Have a wonderfully bloggy day everyone!!


Patti said...

Our guys just don't understand it, do they? I don't think they can begin to comprehend a cyber friendship. Wonder why. It's just like the pen pals of years ago but so much more instant and lots more fun. Especially with a bunch of ladies of likewise minds - quilty wise anyway!

Angie said...

Girl, you are soooo right!!! ROFL Silly silly men is right! I was just sharing all of the wonderful comments and concern from my 'blog friends' with him about his eye...just really touches my heart---and you know what, I truly do feel like I DO know all of you, and that I've been suddenly blessed with a whole world of new caring friends!!! Aren't we just so lucky???? ;p (Thanks for stopping by to visit, Dawn!)

Anonymous said...

Polly just checked our blog and said you were mad at me ...something about cooking and ovens?!!? Just so you know, I wasn't cooking anything. In fact I was watching a little TV. I asked Polly what that was all about...if maybe she was cooking buns and she said no. So, we pretty much decided your crazy.

We are having a baby though!


The folks in Tennessee

My Thanh said...

My husband thinks I'm strange as well for reading your blog everytime I read Jen's, but then I think it's odd that there are actual fantasy football wrap-up shows on tv. Like there aren't enough real football wrap-up shows on tv!

Jenna said...

My husband asks me if I know any of these people, usually I reply...well no. However when he does see me reading yours and Jen's I tell him that I know you guys!

Susie said...

Hi Dawn,
Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by and for giving me Bekah's link. I've gone by to visit her and left a message.
Like Patti says blogging is much like the pen pals of long ago, but I agree the response is so much quicker.