Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It's a great life!

The kids are back at school...hey hey...the kids are back at school...oh yay...I love it I love it I'm having a great day!! That is sung at the top of my voice in rap--mommy style. The kiddos are back at school and my house is spotless since I cleaned yesterday. I wanted to be all ready in case I got called in to work...since I am a working woman of the 21st century now. They didn't call and I am trying to contain my glee that I got the whole day to myself and don't have to feel guilty!! HURRAY!! Oops...some glee escaped! After the kiddos left...with me singing to them the goodbye song from the Sound of Music...I got a cup of coffee and came in here to read blogs. My dog came in a second ago and got on "her" overstuffed chair. I sat with her for a couple of minutes and we both gave this big sigh of contentment. I am going to quilt quilt quilt today. I need to finish the quilt for Lauren's teacher. I want her to be able to give it to her this Friday. I am off now to finish my blog a little View...and then get to my day of quilting. Life is good here at Chez' Owens today!! Have a great one everybody!!!


Shelina said...

I miss my daughter when she isn't around, but I sure do enjoy when the place stays clean after I clean it. Hope you enjoyed your quilting day.