Monday, December 11, 2006


Just got the kiddos out the door and on the way to school. I just love Mondays!! heehee I tried to control my glee as I was pushing them out but the happy dance I did gave me away. After two days of "mom can I....Mom where is....Mom do you come here" and my personal favorite MOM I NEED SOME TOILET PAPER I am so ready for them to go back to school. I am doing the happy dance right now in my chair having some coffee and blogging. I was wondering...what is your Monday schedule?? Do you have a set one or is it come what may?? I am a schedule girl! Here is my Monday for those of you waiting with baited breath:
-get up and get some coffee in me
-do a jig as the kids slog off to school
-try not to giggle uncontrollably as they leave
-read my blogs and post some replies til 9
-watch the first 20 minutes of The View (for my Christian friends out there who are boycotting the View due to Rosie and her opinions it is okay....I only watch with one eye open so I am not sinning!!) (to sin you must watch with both eyes open!!)
-CLEAN LIKE A MAD WOMAN cause after a weekend my house is trashed
-maybe have a 20 minute nap to get ready for the kids to come home or do some quilting
wow...reading that I think my life is hard heeheeheee
happy Monday everyone!!


Unknown said...

Thanks for wanting to add me to your links. I have no problem, I am out there for everyone to read.

I like the block of the month quilt you are working on! I have always wanted to try one like that!

Darlene said...

Glad to see that everyone is healthy again! I especially glad to see that you did well reading the announcements at church - what would we have done if you'd fallen down (cuz we now know that you don't wear any panties - lol)

Thanks for stopping my blog recently - I'm sorry I couldn't reply to your e-mail.

I'd like to add a little tidbit about love and marriage! It's very important to be married to your best friend - you must be friends before you can be lovers! :-)
Have a wonderful day!