Thursday, December 21, 2006

Tuesday night we had our Christmas party with our English class. We each had to pull a name and get a gift. It was a lot of fun!! The students outdid them selves with all of the food and the gifts! Sarah was invited so she was pretty excited about that. The love these gentle people have for children continues to amaze me every day. Here is Sarah's Christmas card from Ms. Sunny. Ms. Sunny didn't pull Sarah's name she just wanted to get her a present...or should I say 60 presents!! Sarah got stickers..pull toys..a purse...a coin purse...paper...color just went on and on! Sarah was soooo happy. Then Mr. Tom stepped up and had her open a gift from him. It was the cutest bunny scarf! Sarah wore it today to go out shopping or else I'd have a picture of it in here. I'll post it later.

Here is my boo-bear opening up all her stuff. :)Now since none of my posts can leave out food let me show you what we had....

Oh yeah!! If you're thinking that my Capt was a happy man you would be right!

This is bulgogi and rice cakes. We had black rice to go with the was really! good. It tasted a lot like white rice. The noodle dish is called chopchee. It's a dish that Koreans make during a special time.

See this round is a dish that took our new girl, Sue, 4 hours to make!!!!!!! The middle holds crepes' and surrounding it are vegetables sliced super thin and mushrooms and also chopped squid...Yes I tried it and yes I know you are bowing before me saying that I am your hero...I will try and stay humble. It is a dish that they only make at Cheu-Sok so we were very honored that she would make it special for us. Notice the cheese and crackers over to the left...Yep I was representing the Americans baby!!!! hahahaha Ms. Sunny showed everyone how to eat cheese and crackers but they didn't have to many cause they said cheese would make you fat! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Here is a close up. Ohhhhh see the kimche. My man was in heaven! It was homemade too!!

I pulled Jessica's name. Here she is hugging Sarah. :)

This is my little boo-bear...this one is for the grandparents. hi!

Here is Jessica. :)

Kareem got Jason. He picked out a smoker from Germany. These things are pretty cool. You put a cone of incense in their belly's and smoke comes out of their mouths. Hmmm maybe not so good for saying Don't Smoke to the kiddos...I'll have to think about that one! :)

Here is my Capt getting his gift. He got his first set of frames here in Korea. Now we all know how much he loves frames so he was thrilled!

This is our new girl, Sue. She got Tom the book Animal Farm. It's got one side in English and the other side of the page is in Korean. This helps learn English.

Here is our Tom. We had a good time and didn't get home til late. I'm so glad that the little boo bear only had games and a party the next day at school. She was pretty tired but being her she wouldn't have missed this for the world and neither would I! Thanks to our Korean family for making us, again, feel special and at home!!!!!