Thursday, December 28, 2006

Not to much going on here....

It's pretty quiet here at Chez' Owens. The Christmas decorations are all taken down and put away...can I get an Amen!! Last night Lauren had a friend spend the night so we went downtown. I know you've seen a million pictures of downtown so I was looking for some really great ones to post and not bore everyone. I did find this deranged Bart Simpson on a restaurant. I'm not sure if he's excited about being there or scared that he's about to be eaten...what do you think??

While Lauren and her friend were off being free Kareem boo-bear and I went to Seattle's Best. Yep they have those here. We got a chocolate torte and the thing in the package is a cheese muffin. Our hot chocolates were really pretty. Sorry about the picture. It didn't come out so great.
Today is going to be spent at the grocery store and the PX. For those of you not in the military the PX is like a small Target on base. So exciting things will be happening here today...not. I think I may treat myself to the fabric store tomorrow for being a good girl and getting my errands done today. Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!!