Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Okay, I went to go and pay my phone bill today. Not very exciting you say?? Weeeeeeelll let me tell you that you would be WRONG!!! Here's what went down. Downstairs Jen dropped me off at the front door of the KT building...where I pay my phone bill. We had just come from some fab-u-lous fabric shopping so I was riding the high of spending the Capts money. I go to walk in the building and wait...there are construction guys all over in there. I look around and all the signs are in Korean cause, yeah, I'm in Korea. Jen and I look at each other and she points to go around the building. Off I go. I walked in the building and a gorgeous woman came out behind a wall and started talking to me...I just smiled and said "phone bill??" She then said HMMM and started walking quickly away and pointed for me to follow. I of course do cause I sensed something exciting was gonna happen. She turns a corner and hands me off to another gorgeous woman. She starts trying to talk to me...neither one speaks English...and again I smile and say "phone bill??" She gets animated and points to a couch with a cushion for me to sit on. Then I look to see what number they are on and take one. I am 10 (hee hee of course!) and they are on 7. The woman gets this pretty tray and puts these yogurt drinks on there for me to choose from. Then when number 7 is finished there is a conference and it is decided I should go next is the power of the yogurt drink. I am led to the woman behind the desk and since I don't have my phone bill, cause that would be the easy way, I write my number down. She then looks at my yogurt drink and starts typing away on her computer...I am sure she was sending emails to all of her friends that the Enlightened (hee hee bro!!) Yogurty One was in the office!! After I finish paying my bill she realizes that I need change/ SO........SO....AND THIS IS SOOO WHAT REALLY HAPPENED when she gives me my change she goes throught the whole pile of fives first to find the really crisp ones then she goes through the pile of ones to get the crisp ones out for me. I swear by now I am looking around for a camera cause maybe I am on candid camera or something!! When I stand to leave 2nd gorgeous woman bows and walks me out the door. I turn the corner and there are 5 men in suits standing around and then they smile and bow as I walked out. It was very surreal and I'm not exactly sure what all happened but I have to tell ya...IT WAS FUNNY!!!! I get in the car with Downstairs Jen and proceed to tell her what happened.we turn the corner to go home and see...
A U-HAUL FULL OF SKINNED PIGGIES!!! The smaller guy hefts one on his back and goes into a store. I'm laughing now going over it and I'm just like.......WHAT????!!! Just another day in the life of me!! Tonight we take the Capt out for his birthday dinner and if you think I'm leaving the camera at home you would be soooooo wrong!!! Who knows what will happen but I'm gonna document it for ya!!! I love this place!!!! (Thanks to Downstairs Jen for providing the picture. :) )


Patty said...

Hi Dawn, enjoyed reading your blog. The truck of piggies was ummm, amazing. I have a couple friends that spent time in korea teaching english. They had lots of adventures to share.
Will be checking back often !

Rebekah said...

I just typed in here and this is being retarded! Those things are pronounced yucklucks, and they are so yummy! I found them at HEB what a great fine... I MISS YOU!!!!