Friday, December 01, 2006

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree....

We did the tree last night and I took a bunch of pictures. Here is Lauren and Sarah celebrating that all the ornaments were unpacked and we only lost two due to the move overseas. Kareem is trying to find some "happening" Christimas music...Barry Mannilow anyone??

Found some good music and now everyone is really getting their party on!!

As you can see Anthonie is having a "bunch of fun". (serious eye rolling on momma's part!!)

The life of the party...I guess 17 is just to old to be dancing and putting up the tree with the bad!!!! We made him sit with us anyway and he had strict instructions to have fun. I keep thinking if I tell him that family time is fun even though he is way "to mature" (nother' serious eye roll) to be bothered that he will eventually believe me. heehee (yes mom I know, this is payback!! :) )

Sorry this is blurry but I didn't want to lose this picture of Anthonie putting his one ornament on the tree. May he have 10 just like him...hahahaha

Here is our finished product. I tried ot get one of it lit but it looked like the highway at night. Suffice to say it looks great with all the lights turned off in the house and Kareem and I sitting in front of it with a well deserved glass of wine!!

Tell me how I can not adore this guy???

My very own "Mac Daddy" with his traditional -I am king of my castle- cigar. SIGH>>>What's not to love about this guy too....and for the record the Capt put on a bunch of ornaments as well. This is the first time in 18 years he has helped with the tree. He even found some slammin' Christmas music to go with the night. Usually he sits and -manages- the whole process..ladies just think of your men as unformed pieces of clay that in time starts to form something really great with alot of SCRAPING AND POUNDING!!! heehee We had a great time and everyone went to bed happy. Tonight was our annual secret Santa night. We put all of our names in a hat and draw. Once a week your secret Santa has to put a present where you will find it. It can be a note or something you've made or bought. It has to be something though!! Just one of my many lessons in YOU WILL LOVE YOUR FAMILY IF IT KILLS YOU!! heehee Marry Christmas everyone!!! Oh...take a look at Bec's tree. She should be an interior decorator!! Oh, and has two of the cutest kiddos you've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!


Aunt Joan said...

Hey Gymshoe,
It's time you made an attempt to do the tree, "looks great".
Keep helping my niece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren The Artist said...

The tree looks like alot of fun, even if Anthonie didnt love it. That secret Santa sounds like a golden idea also. Consider that 'lifted', of course, I have to wait until 2/3rds of my kids can read their own names... but its still a GREAT idea. Lots of fun in the Owens' house.


Tennessee Wilsons said...

Hey Owens Family. Tree looks great! I guess it's about time to pull ours out of the attic...

It's hard to believe they have a Starbucks in Korea. That little picture of yours has me looking toward the door with "cafe somthing or other with esspresso" on the brain.