Saturday, December 23, 2006

Quilting Happily

I thought I'd show you what I've been working on with my quilting. This is a pattern I bought a while ago. I think I got it at Quilts by the Bay in Houston right before we moved. It's called Joshua's Prayer and it's by Pat Patterson. Whew...always make sure you give credit where credit is due!! :) You can see by the pins that it's all basted. So far I've quilted the middle. My machine is one I got at Walmart and it's slowly becoming obvious that it's time to start putting money aside for that Bernina of my dreams!!

Here is a close up.

Now this one I am soooooo proud of!! It's a Thimbleberries block of the month that I found. I'm thinking that I'm going to give it to one of Lauren's teachers. She just found out that her 16 year old son has lymphoma. Can you believe it?? I saw her last week when I was FINALLY! turning in my sub-package and she told me. My heart goes out to them and there is much prayer at Chez' Owens for the Obermite family. If you think of them please pray that all is well with his tests. The last I heard was that he is in stage 3. Not to sure what that means but lymphoma is one of the treatable ones if you get it early. I'm thinking that during these next months she will need some love and support so this is my way of giving her some. I just need to baste it and get it quilted. That is going to be my focus next week so that after Christmas break is over Lauren can take it to her. We quilters do what we can!! As I'm typing this I keep looking at the picture and I'm thinking...WOW! I MADE THAT!!! Whoda' thunk?? I am off to Downstairs Jen's house for a night of party-ing with the families. We've got three Capt's here...hers...mine and Gretchens. The men have a "thing" at work where they will get together and look very important. We will be having a Mexican feast and waiting for them to get done. Have a wonderful night everyone and hug your kiddos tonight if you haven't yet today!!! OLE!!