Sunday, December 31, 2006

Movie Night

We went to see Casino Royale last night. We went to the theatre downtown. It was pretty neat! When you walk in you go up to a counter to buy your ticket. The lady shows you a computer screen and lets you point to what seat you want. It's like going to a concert. Between the three of Capt and her..we got a good idea of where we were to go. She spoke no English but tried really hard to explain that our seats were G-23 and G-24. heehee It was pretty funny! Next you wait...and I mean wait. You don't go into the theatre til the movie time. If your ticket says 9, like ours did, then you wait in this waiting room area til 9. The tickets were $7 dollars apiece but get this...a big popcorn and a big soda were all of $5!!! TOGETHER!!! The popcorn came in regular yellow colored and a very bright and festive rainbow color. We got the yellow. :) I was kicking myself for leaving the camera at home but who would've thought the movies could be so exciting??!

When we found out that we had to wait 45 minutes til we could get our seats we decided to look around outside. I found these boots for $10!! Since it was about 800 below outside the lady had me put them on and leave the store with them. I felt very Jessica Simpson-ish walking around!! They can really dress here let me tell ya!! After the boot buying we went back to watch the movie. It was 10 minutes to 9 so we're thinking they will let us in. Nope! Another man led us to an even smaller waiting area. He was pretty tickled we were there "so" early. Finally we got in. The movie was really good! It was in English with Korean sub-titles. So now the movie offbase adventure has been completed. We went to bed happy campers. Next up..going to see a Korean movie in Korean. We want to try and see if we can figure out what's going on. Oh, the people in the theatre thought it was funny we were even there. There was much pointing and giggling. One lady came over and sat by us for a couple of minutes. I figured it was the Jessica Simpson boots and she had me confused with her. The resemblance is pretty striking! heehee She finally went back to her hubby and settled down. The movie was good and I highly recommend it for a future date night! bye everyone