Thursday, December 21, 2006


I almost forgot to show you what I got at the Christmas party!!!! Ms. Sunny got my name. Here is what she got for me!!!!!!!! The screen is absolutely beautiful. On the back is the story in caligraphy. The bag in the right corner means good luck and in it was a pair of baby shoes...meant for good luck trying to have a baby!! hahahaha They had a good laugh over that one cause no more baby's here guys!!! Even if you ask!!!! The chopsticks are so pretty. They each come in their own bags and every end is carved differently. The little jewel case had three thimbles in it and was my favorite!!!

Here is a close up of one of the thimbles. There were three. I LOVED THEM!!!! How nice of her to remember I love to quilt and to find these for me! Next is a close up of the screen. I though my brother would like to see it. :) If you come and visit me Mike you can see it in person!! hint hint!