Thursday, December 21, 2006

Another trip to the fabric place

Went to the fabric place again with Downstairs Jen. This time we had some company. Tiki has her family and dad...her mom is a quilter and wanted to go to the fabric place. Ahhhhh love it when I have an excuse to go there!! We started out at another favorite place of mine...Starbucks. Instead of calling this a cinnamon roll they call it a cinnamon snail! heehee love that! And it wouldn't be a trip out if we didn't get a present, so the nice lady at the cash register gave this to Jen....

Free tickets to a movie! Now what the movie is...where it's at..who the people are...I have no idea. I do know that I'm gonna find out and the Capt and I are going to have a date!! I'm pretty sure that the movie producers won't have an English version just for us so we'll have a blast trying to figure out what's going on.
After Starbucks we hit the fabric and hit it hard! Tiki's mom seemed like she had a lot of fun! Since I was there and so was the fabric...I bought some. Now my limit is $30 every time I go so here is what $30 will get ya.....

These are some fat quarters I found in a pack..8 for $6!

These are my Moda fat quarters. I got these for $10.

My favorite was this. These are 2 yard cuts. There is 24!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yards in all!!! I LOVE IT HERE!!! I washed everything and it's all ironed. Now I just need a project. Also, my cabinet is full to bursting so I am going to start buying rubbermaid tubs to put my colors in. heehee Tiki's mom wants to go back and since Jen and I are sooooo nice and friendly we will have to go with to make sure she has a good time. Now since I'm there and the fabric is too...well I surely will have to buy some more!! Wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Almost wouldn't be a shopping trip if someone didn't get nudged out of the way. Tiki's mom won with a total of 6 ( I think ) nudges. See here in Korea it is really crowded. If you said "excuse me" every time you wanted to get past someone you'd be hoarse so you just gently nudge someone out of your way. I find it hysterical..some people don't. I guess you just gotta go with the here is me signing off and flowin! bye all!