Monday, March 05, 2007

Bylow's Going Away Party

Friday night we went to a going away function for one of the guys my hubby works with. It was a lot of fun!! We went out to dinner at a fancy-shmancy restaurant and then after we hit the Karaoke scene. The night started out with a trip to Walker Jen's house. We got them and then found a cab. On the way out of the gate to get said cab we encountered our first bit of fun!! There were these two ladies waiting for "victims" in their car. When we walked past they hopped out and one of them grabbed my hand in a death grip. They were all smiles and their English was pretty good. They wanted to invite themselves over to our houses and talk about some church they go to and practice English. Now you can't just let anyone on base. There are rules people!!! K, back to the story. I am trying to dislodge my hand while they are frantically trying to get as much info as they can out of us. They asked where I being very (heehee) street savvy. I tell them a wrong base. Of course Walker Jen and Walker Rob...with the Capt all think I've made a mistake and helpfully correct me. :) Strike one for me! Then everyone gets smart! I tell them a wrong house number and before they will let me go they want a phone number...of course wrong as well. The Capt seemed pretty amused by the whole thing and stood there just in case I needed back up. I had to pry my hand away and then we all went down the street with the cab search back on. We find the cabby and he gets us to the place. Here is a shot of one of the rooms in the restaurant. You put your shoes by the door, step up and you are in a private room. We had two little girls who kept peeking at us...fascinated by the way cool Americans!!

Here is Walker Rob at the table. We were the first ones to arrive.

This is how we cooked our food. The waitress brought us a bunch of different types of meat and we cooked them on the grill. That little bowl in the top right is full of garlic cooking in a sauce.

This was really good! It was apples and tomatoes with pineapple in a sweet sauce. Of course I made sure this side dish was by me!


This is what the meat and the mushrooms look like before you cook them. Notice the scissors. There are no knives, you get your meat cooked and then cut it into smaller pieces. Everyone just grabs it off of the grill after that.

Here is tar-tar. I didn't like this so much. The Capt and Walker Jen did. The translator that works with the guys came to dinner also. She made sure we were taken care of and ordered a bunch of stuff for us. We had sushi, sashimi, different meat, salads, all kinds of stuff. Dinner was really good!

After dinner we hit the Karaoke room! Read down below to see how that went.


Lauren The Artist said...

Good times. ~jen~

Rebekah said...

you are much braver than the average!