Thursday, March 22, 2007

Working with the Wee-Ones

I have to work today...I'm doing Sure Start. Sure Start is a program for kiddos that aren't old enough to go to Kindergarten. I think I am just the Aide today. I don't have to go til 11. When I get there it will be playground time, then lunch, then nap, then home. Whew!! What a hard (heehee) day!!! And...and there are only about 6 kids in the class so it's an easy breezy day. Tomorrow I am going over to Walker Jen's house for a crafty/quilting day. I love love love those kinds of days. You go on over to a friends house, sit and talk and you get to work on a craft. Saturday we are going to "the son's" teachers book reading at the book store downtown. He is the German teacher and smart as all get out!! He wrote this huge book that's one long poem in different languages. I bought one and he kindly wrote something really nice in there for the son. Also Saturday we are cleaning the son's room. My mom is going to stay in there for the two weeks she is here. Right now it's fit for neither man nor beast so it should take up a big chunk of the day. He is sooo funny. He doesn't want the cat in there cause he is shedding his winter coat right now and it drives the son crazy. He shuts his door every morning and every morning he tells me not to let Buster in there. I'm like "are you kidding???" How can you even tell in all that mess????! KIDS!! On Sunday "she" comes!!!! Hurray!!! I haven't seen my mom in over a year and I'm ready for a visit. I'm going to take pictures of her getting off of the plane when we go and pick her up. I'll make sure I post them for all the "gals" who work with her.
Okay, enough on the computer I gotta go and get ready to be with the Wee Ones. Have a great weekend everyone and
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ROSIE O'DONNEL!!! Yeah, I know, but I like her. :)


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

I just loved it when I taught Kinder....I'd go in with big plans and programs.. and end up spending the day walking around the garden with 20 kids trying to catch snails so we could work out where they pooed!! hope it was fun. Tracey